I got another religious pamphlet at work tonight. This happens every once in a while. Used to be a born again christian coworker who would leave them behind. Mostly for me. She wanted to save me. You know, the usual. We'd get in debates and she could be fairly nice but she would go out of her way to bring up religion even when I was steering clear. It was to the point that other coworkers, even ones who do believe in god wanted nothing to do with her. She's gone now but sometimes people come through the drive through.

Usually its a local Baptist church. Sometimes they ask for me by name. Tonights was different though. According to the address on the back this ones based in Tennessee? oh wait theres a website. I'm going to check it out real quick...... Oooooh. It's like a church on tape? I dunno heres the link: http://www.roapm.com/index.html .

I had a daydream a while back when this started about printing up a bunch of Atheist based fliers and leaving them in the mailbox or on the doorstep or something of all the local churches that do this. Even thought about recording it. Hey they can do it to me, why not do it back? See how they like it? But then again I might not be any better than them. Though either way it's be hilarious to me...

I really can't stand my job. I really can't wait to quit.

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Comment by Lindsey on April 4, 2011 at 11:58am
They ask for you by name just so they can prosyletize? Could that be considered harassment?
Comment by Zombie Atheist on April 4, 2011 at 4:48pm
I don't know if it's harassment because I never see these people. A coworker used to hand me them saying, "someone just came through drive asking if you were working and to give you this." It hasn't happened for a while, the asking for me part, though every once in a while people still leave stuff.


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