Another day to mark on your calendar

First we had to mark May 21 for the Rapture which has been moved to October 21.  Now, Gov. Rick Perry of TX has created a day of prayer and fasting for the state of Texas to help the United States with "our nation's challenges..." such as "financial debt terrorism and a multitude of natural disasters".  


If Gov. Perry's benevolent God was so caring and ready to help, would that God not have answered the prayers of the thousands upon thousands already impacted this year in the Southeast by horrific tornadoes?  Isn't the Southeast God's country, the Bible Belt?  Or is it that with our ignorance that we failed to mix in the important ingredient of fasting with prayer, that is what the benevolence has yet to be shown on us here in the Southeast? 


I know that after August 6, malevolence will still show because there is nothing there to help us.  We have to pick up the pieces ourselves and make lemonade out of these lemons.

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