Hello to everyone, I'm new here and this is my first blog post so please bear with me.

About the title of this post, it's something that puzzles me, along with thousands of other things. Why do so called faithful "believers" in their particular religion get so upset and angry when you point out a flaw or make a negative remark about their particular deity? Take the news story from last year when a British teacher working in Sudan was put in jail for naming a teddy Mohammed.

She was locked up for insulting the prophet Muhammed by naming a teddy with the same name, I mean it's not that a common name amongst Muslims is it??? What's all the fuss about? Why do Muslims get so upset? There is no logic, if you are a true believer, why get so stressed and angry? Here's how I see it:

If Muhammed is upset by the naming he can have a quick word with his best mate, Allah, and what with him being all powerful and all, he shouldn't have much trouble reeking some vengeance on a female teacher. So take a chill pill and rest easy your god is on the case.

If still nothing happens to the teacher maybe he will take revenge in the after life, still no need to get all hot under the collar, put your feet up, have a cup of tea and a coconut macaroon.

Maybe Mohammed's seen the funny side and is having a little giggle, so have a chuckle and see the funny side, a teddy called Mohammed, cracks me up every time, you can't right that material.

We all know nothing would happen because Muhammed is long dead and Allah (or God) just doesn't exist. So either way if they are truly FAITHFUL they wouldn't need to get angry, unless they weren't entirely sure their god existed.

So if any Muslims are upset by this post please re-read the above again.

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