And you accuse ME of having no morals?

Something came up today during lunch while I was talking with a Satanist friend of mine.

It's common for religious people to claim that atheists have no morals as we have no god to derive them from and have no god to fear in the deviation from our morals. But then if you ask them what they would do if god wasn't there to punish them, there are times when they admit that they would act without caring about others or about the consequences of their actions.

So really, who are the ones with morals? The ones who create a system of morality from their own experiences and what they've been taught, or the ones who simply do what they are told in fear of punishment and would without a moment's hesitation act without care in the absence of punishment?

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Comment by James on April 1, 2009 at 11:19pm
Without a doubt, those that form their own moral code and adhere to society acceptable morals without the fear of retribution and simply because they feel it is the right thing to do. Atheist = no morals is such an old and false stereotype. If people actually stopped and open their eyes, they would see the we are just as moral, if not more-so, than many believers. The perfect point is that many of the people we know and interact with everyday would never guess we were Atheists (for the most part), without us telling them so. To me, that speaks volumes.
Comment by River Otter on April 2, 2009 at 12:27pm
Most religious folk, have never (knowingly), met an Atheist. Therefore, they really don't know any better. They say the things they do, because they are ignorant about the subject.

I am trying to change that by bring awarness to the fact that Atheists are real and won't eat the children.

I live in Christland, the holy south. Right now, I am running a magnetic bumpersticker that says, "Moral Atheist" on the back of my truck. I want people to see that Atheists live in their community and can be productive, kind members of society. I can do this without offending anyone.

It is time to start speaking up, and making ourselves known.
Comment by Gaytor on April 2, 2009 at 2:35pm
The Einstein "Sorry Lot" quote is right in line with what you are saying. That's good company.

I had an aunt once bring up the morals question. My answer stopped her pretty quickly so I use it whenever the subject comes up. I say, "I don't have anyone to forgive me for my actions. I have to just live with what I do in life." I haven't had anyone argue morals with me past that point.

I like James' last point too. I don't think that the atheist in prison stat is cite able though. I can't seem to find an independent source of it.


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