An update about the debate with my religous friend and other things

Hello all,

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’m a big creature of habit so if I don’t regularly go to a site then I almost never visit it.


Anyway, I have a lot of updates on the debate/discussion with my religious friend front:

1. For future reference for anyone debating a believer: realize that both are you are coming in with assumptions. Probably very different assumptions which are some of the reasons why you guys have come to very different answers. My friend for instance, seems to take it on faith that God is holy because she believes that the Bible is the word of God. So obviously from my point of view, if I want to convince her of anything I’m going to have to push her on this by noting the many inconsistencies and immorality in the Bible.  I’ve also pointed out to my friend that taking it on faith that God is holy means that she is deciding what is moral or not through using faith…which I find problematic. So whenever she gets back to me, we’ll probably start pushing each other on the question of faith.


2. I also pushed her on how she can say that all types of sin (even the ones that aren’t harmful) ultimately deserve the same punishment (hell). She answered with the “God is holy” assumption….*sighs*. She kind of contradicted this statement by trying to wriggle out of saying that some of the laws like the mixing differing clothes laws don’t count but I pressed her on that so her next response should include something about that.


3.  My friend wanted to talk about the basics of Christian doctrine starting with Adam and Eve….a big mistake with me because I know that story and the many problems with it like the back of my hand. She accidently contradicted herself when it comes to evolution but I’m glad to announce that she is not a young earth creationist.  I didn’t just push her on how inconsistent the Adam and Eve story is on evolution (although that is enough to have a whole conversation on).  I also pushed her on the inconsistency of God punishing Adam and Eve for eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil when before eating the fruit they didn’t know right from wrong.


4. I also pushed her on the story of Abraham and Isaac to see if she would still say that everything that God says is right when God obviously commands Abraham to do something that is even inconsistent with God’s own laws (not killing and what not). She kinda sidestepped that question by trying to say that God didn’t go through with the sacrifice so this story isn’t a problem so I pressed her on it a little harder and gave her the Noah story to think about instead. Here you see God directly killing a bunch of people, some of them most certainly innocent (i.e. the children) of almost all sins.


In other news I’m currently dating someone (lol, sorry ladies). Lol, I probably shouldn’t write a whole paragraph gushing about her but she’s amazing enough that I want to. Anyway, I wanted to mention that she’s Catholic but seems to be pretty lax on the whole religion thing (lol for example, she’s dating another woman) and seems pretty alright with me mentioning how much I’m involved with the atheist/skeptic/agnostic/etc community (okay seriously, can we get a one word/acronym for this group soon?).


Also, I wanted to say that I won the Chariots of Iron (it’s an atheist/skeptic/humanist/blah blah blah podcast…you should look it up if you don’t know about it) contest that involved the documentary “The Nature of Existence (Look it up, it’s a great documentary). Lol, if you listened to the episode where they read off the finalists responses I apologize for the bad grammar…I’m probably a little bit dyslexic (I was never diagnosed because I never went to any person to talk about it….but I have a lot of the symptoms and my brother has even stronger symptoms as well). I was also the finalist picked for the 7 disc companion series by Mr. Roger Nygard (the person who made the documentary) so I have a lot of things to watch for the summer! I highly recommend getting at least the main documentary if not the whole thing. It’s good to look and listen to so many perspectives so you can better relate/debate with people that have those perspectives, and you may find yourself changing your mind about a few things as well. The atheist/agnostic/freethinker/omg so many labels group at my college that I help lead is very excited to watch this once school starts.  


And that’s all folks!  I hope everyone is doing well,


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