An Interesting Call about Doreen Virtue Cards

If I were that way minded I could say that I just had a very spooky call which seemed like a message for me that I am doing the right thing by questioning spirituality.  I have changed some of the details for ethical reasons.

A young guy called and asked if he could have Past Life Regression as they found me under their local hypnotist listings.  He sounded upset and told me that it was urgent that he have this done as he must find out what his past life had been like as it was hurting him in this life.  I asked him what was happening to hurt him and he said that his Mother had died recently and his was grieving over her despite believing she was in Heaven.  He sounded extremely anxious and told me that he couldn't stop crying since she passed but this couldn't be the cause of the stress as he knew she would pass over as it was expected. 

This didn't sound right to me as I was unsure where the past life part came in, so I asked again and the guy told me eventually that his Doreen Virtue cards had told him that he has past life issues to deal with.  Despite there being nothing to actually deal with other than the grieving process, he was convinced that because the card came up numerous times that the message was to get past life regression done.

The cards are dangerous and even more so when someone is vulnerable like this poor guy.  I explained to him that he was experiencing anxiety and stress over the passing of his Mother and that he needed to get help either with myself or to go to the Doctor and explain that he was finding the grieving process hard. I told him that I was being honest when I was saying that past life regression was the last thing he needed on a low income as it was very expensive and he should concentrate on healing his mind first before making any decisions like that.   He agreed and said he was grateful and would do just that.

A few minutes later I got another call from him thinking I was another therapist and started to ask for past life regression.  I reminded him we had already spoken and embarrassed he hung up, he probably won't give up until someone agrees to take his money.

Spiritual beliefs like this are hard to break and he is now caught up in a loop where the card reappearing must mean that it is a message to go get past life regression.  Some therapist will take advantage of that as it is easy money to make with little or no result to show.

If you have any type of divination cards, then my suggestion is to bin them.  I know they are designed to bring comfort and and good advice but in times of trouble they may cause more harm than good and also just like that guy, damage your wallet too.

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Comment by Jacob LeMaster on April 1, 2011 at 12:47pm
I hate Psychics so much it hurts...
Comment by Doug Reardon on April 1, 2011 at 3:09pm
I have never understood how someone could believe that psychics and Las Vegas could both exist in the same world.


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