It was a busy day at school today, so when I found some few minutes to relax I went to the faculty room and checked my mails and read some posts here. Then one colleague saw the name of this blog, I swear, you could hear her gasp in all corners of the faculty room. I know why she reacted like that, but since I love to infuriate religious people, I asked her "why?" Then she sat beside me, looked at me with pity and asked: You're an atheist? Of course i answered YES. Then she said "I never knew you were one. You know all the hymns, the prayers, the celebrations, yadi yada... I don't even know some of them... I never would've guessed that you're like that." So I politely told her "memorizing the songs, prayers and celebration is easy, just like memorizing the elements in the periodic table. But how come, most religious still need to have copies of their prayers and their hymns,?" (she didn't answer me)
She then told me that I need help and maybe it was "God's will" that she saw me reading post in this site. She told me that she will make me her "mission" that she will help me "find the light." I politely decline (but in my mind i was telling her to back of and mind her own business and giving her the finger) but she wont take no for an answer.
This is what she was planning to do:
everyday, she will send me a text message containing a verse. i have to find it in the bible and read it and reflect.
then when we meet, she will ask me what i have "learned" from the verse and find some events in my life where the verse could be applied. Then we will offer a short prayer and i have to let the verse inspire me to do my work for that day.
This will last until I come to realize that there is God and God is forgiving and that I am a lost sheep waiting for the shepherd to rescue me...
what a day!

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Comment by DejaCoup on December 7, 2010 at 10:29am
Ugh, what are you gonna do? You can't let that stand - that's fucking disrespectful and deserves none of your respect in return.

Could you each day email her a good atheism quote? Here are some recent ones I liked...

ATHEISM on the march??? <--- More like a general amble in the direction of sanity and away from imaginary friends
Religion: making otherwise intelligent people say extraordinary outrageously stupid things since 10,000 B.C
The trouble with born-again Christians is that they are an even bigger pain the second time around." Herb Caen...
Atheism: Because there's no substitute for being right.
When you die you will be closer to god. Neither of you will exist.
To most Christians the bible is like a software license, they don't read it, they just scroll to the end and click I agree
I don't have faith in science you twit, science proves itself realible in millions ways every single, religion never has.
"On religion, many are destined to reason wrongly: other not to reason at all: and others to prosecute those who do reason." - Voltaire
"If there were a god with super powers and the ability to communicate, there would be no atheists.

(various credit belongs to @GodlessAtheist, @Monicks, @FlyingFree333, anonymous)
Comment by Hillary Spencer on December 7, 2010 at 11:28am
I think you handled that situation better than ...I have told friends and family members if thy think I'm lost they should pray for me on their own time if that's what they feel they should do. My mom still texts me verses about hell and stuff like that.....but your co-worker needs to respect your views and not shove the bible down your face....
Comment by Lindsey on December 7, 2010 at 12:50pm
Just don't play along and read it in the bible. She can spam your inbox with crap but she can't force you to read or have a discussiong or pray. Eventually she will give up. If not, you can always report her for harassment.


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