The Republican Presidential front runner Mitt Romney is doing well in the race at present. He will undoubtedly now do even better with the endorsement from Marco Rubio from Florida. I know religious affiliation should not be an issue butI would consider Mormonism to be an extreme religion to belong to. I understand that some candidates only use religion to appeal to the core mass of voters and may be of little faith themselves. However, I don’t think this is the case here. Romney is a full blown lifelong senior ranking Mormon.

Apart from the current “I am a Mormon” ad campaign to make them appear mainstream Mormons still appear to be a strange cult rather than a regular religion. Does Romney believe that native American Indian Lamanites are a lost tribe of Israel that Jesus spoke with after his resurrection? Does he recall their founder Joseph Smiths’ attempt at running for President and wants to fill his shoes? Do everyday Christians think Mormons are not real Christians?

I think some questions need to be asked just as much as they need to be answered. Is it a case that it would be politically incorrect to question him on his religious beliefs as it is not a bar to running for President? I find it a bit strange that the mainstream media does not seem to be asking any questions about his religion. They can ask questions about a candidates affairs, taxes, wealth or even if they smoked dope in college but can’t ask about extreme or weird religious beliefs?

I don’t live in the USA so maybe I am wrong in my perception but I suppose perception is what politicians are all about. If I could vote I would vote Democrat. So are there any questions being asked about Romney’s beliefs? If not, why not?  I would like to read the answers. On a lighter note it would be strange to see Romney walking from Air Force One with the first and second ladies :)

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Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on March 29, 2012 at 2:32pm

It is my opinion that people who define themselves as deeply religious have their worldview influenced and shaped by their religious convictions. It forms the essence of their psyche and their judgements and opinions are formed based on the pillars of those convictions. I am not necessary implying that this is a major fault with Romney, as his business credentials would suggest an ability to make tough decisions. In order to survive in business your view of “reality” must be grounded in rational, rather than religious, thought processes.

If we assume, and I think there is good reason to do so, that Mitt Romney religious views are so ingrained into his psyche and are so much of what makes him the person that he is that he views and decisions will bear heavily on any decisions he makes. He will ask Jesus for as much advice as he will of his White House advisors, who will possibly be hand picked from the Mormon brethren anyway.

I don’t think his viewpoint will have too much influence on foreign policy but it could mean that many laws are passed that will curtail behaviours deemed immoral or plain wrong to his Mormon sensibilities.

Again, I could be totally wrong in my perception as it is formed from the outside looking in but do you get a sense that he is playing down his religious side too much when it is obviously a major factor in his making??


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