I know that this will be, by no stretch of the imagination, an original piece of work. The ideas and beliefs I state here have been formed by minds considerably more powerful than my own. I don't write this for any sort of recognition, but simply because I think it is beneficial to have all of this put together in one place; easy to find, easy to access. My hope is that it can do a bit of good, nothing more, nothing less.


An Atheist's morality is determined by three things: Love, Hope, and Reason. We do what is right because we love humanity, and doing what is best for humanity is right. We help each other, support each other, laugh with each other, and most importantly, we love each other. An atheist loves life. An Atheist values life, and values it more than any theist ever could. We value life because we know we only get but one. We know that our time in this world is limited, and when we die we will cease to exist. We will cease thinking, loving, laughing, crying, hurting, and all the other things that make us human. We understand that the taking of a life is a serious thing, and is not to be done lightly.

An Atheist loves their fellow humans, because we're all one massive extended family. Not because we all came from two people in a magical garden, but because at its very core, our DNA is the same. There are small differences that determine race, gender, hair color, eye color, structure, but deep down we are all the same. We are all human. We are a global family, and we have to love and care for our family.

Atheists have hope for a better future, and so everything we do is done in an attempt to bring our human family closer to that goal. Murder, thievery, rape, subjugation, and cruelty do not benefit humanity, and have no place among a society that loves itself and hopes for a great future. We hope that one day, your race won't matter, your religion won't matter, your gender won't matter, your sexuality won't matter. None of it should matter, but all of it does. Atheists hope for the chance to change that. We hope for the chance to open the eyes of every single person in the world, and to let them see that morality does not come from dusty tomes and overbearing Big Brothers in the sky. Hope makes an Atheist's morality more pure than that of a theist, because our hope is directed at the betterment of humanity, not at pleasing Daddy Dearest up on High.

An Atheist's morality comes from Reason. What do we gain by killing each other? What good comes from stealing from one and other? These things do nothing but cause more suffering, more anger, and more hatred, and hinder the growth of humanity. Through reason, we understand that we will not always be able to talk our way out of every situation. We understand that sometimes, the opposition will not be willing to cooperate.Through reason, we determine our own places in the world, and what is best for ourselves. Reason allows us to truly chose to be good. Reason allows us to decide that the world needs more people striving for the betterment of mankind, not more people striving for an afterlife to spend kissing their God of choice's ass.

Atheists define their own morality. We decide what is right, and what is wrong. We do not need a God to tell us what to do, and we do not need the flocks of the gods bleating at us about how we are evil and immoral. Morality is not something that can be forced onto others, but a choice each individual must make. Atheists choose to be good, to be intelligent, and to be strong. You choose to enslave yourselves to the writings of men who've been dead and gone for thousands of years.

If morality is decided by God, then isn't it a bit odd that most of his biblical morals don't seem to fit very well in today's society?

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