An Atheist Ad in Atlanta, Georgia? This Man Will Make It Happen.

The following is simply an interview with the Jake Collyer. He is attempting to get a billboard put up in the state of Georgia, that supports Atheism, in order to make the Atheist populace heard. Hopefully this is all the explanation you'll need, as the rest of this post is mainly going to be the interview.

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jake?

Jake Collyer: I generally keep a somewhat closed book on my identity. I was born and raised in the Atlanta, GA area.
I enjoy blogging about atheism and trying to make an impact in our world around us. I'm a Democrat.
And as you can probably tell, I'm not great at interviews.

I:That's perfectly fine if you're not that good at interviews, just answer honestly.
Why are you an Atheist? And furthermore, what caused you to try to make an advertisement for in Atlanta?

J.C: I'm an Atheist, because of a movie. I was watching Zeitgeist and they were talking about all the similarities to other myths and Jesus.
It dawned on me, religion is bullshit. I was never raised in a very religious home though.
We didn't go to church, but we didn't talk about it either. Atheism is what I reached on my own and it makes sense to me.
Now as for the ad, I wanted to make a difference. Hell, that's the reason I got into blogging. I want to spread the word that atheists aren't immoral and corrupt individuals.
I was inspired by the bus ads that ran over in Europe and originally I wanted to run one of those over here in Atlanta, but the bus authority (MARTA) only advertises products.
And now we are here trying to get a billboard up!

I: Do you have any idea what the billboard will say exactly? Any images on it?

J.C: All of that is still up for debate. I have gotten a couple designs, but really I want it to all be decided by the community.
It is going to be something positive and I want it to refrain from being blatantly offensive although anything Atheistic in the Bible Belt is offensive.
I'm still taking suggestions and mockups for designs for the ad. I want to get it figured out soon though.

I: Judging by your statement I take it you are somewhat against militant Atheism (hostility towards religion in this case), and instead favor simple rights or acknowledgement of Atheists?

J.C: Yes in general. What I want the most is more open discussion of religion. I want people to not be afraid to just talk about concepts and at least think about them.
I want Atheists to be recognized as humans and as equals. There's already enough hate directed toward us, no need to encourage more.

I: How far are you into getting this billboard up anyway? How much more time do you think it will take?

J.C: I'm in negotiations with advertisers and they put the bill at $4000 or so. I've raised $930 as of yesterday. It is coming along quite nicely.
As for when it will be up, I'm not really sure. First, we have to raise all the money first. Although since I have been more vocally supporting it, I raised $300 in about a week.
If it gets more publicity and promotion, I'd say in a month or two we could have all the money.
Then it is a matter of talking things over with the advertisers again about when and where and what exactly we can do.

I: Any way the people reading this would be able to support your cause?

J.C: Follow me on Twitter to get updates.
Or read the site:
Join our Facebook page.
Tell everybody they know.
Donate any spare cash they have to the campaign.
Submit ideas or designs for the ad.

I: All right, I think this about wraps this up. Thank you for your time, Jake.

J.C: No problem. Thanks for interviewing me.

Jake Collyer's Twitter can be found here, with the Facebook page for the Atlanta Ad being found here ,
And, suprise, the main website can be found at

Let's support Jake!

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Comment by Shawn P. on May 31, 2010 at 11:32am
Jake, do you think the $4,000.00 is typical of one billboard or are they charging more because of content/possibility of controversy?


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