America's secular revival - Good Signs for Secularism!

In the following article from called "America's Secular Revival", five points are made that indicate a growth in secularism and a decline in religion. I've noticed articles like this in Salon and other media outlets like the Washington Post are on the rise and I think it's awesome!!! The word is spreading, reason and critical thought are finally emerging!


The full article can be read here and below is the intro and the five points!


America's secular revival
Five signs that, despite the GOP's efforts, religion's impact on U.S. politics will soon decline
By Tana Ganeva, AlterNet

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

In between bragging about the number of people they've killed and vilifying gay soldiers, the GOP presidential candidates have spent the primaries demonstrating how little they respect the separation of church and state. Michele Bachmann seems to think God is personally invested in her political career. Both she and Rick Perry have ties to Christian Dominionism, a theocratic philosophy that publicly calls for Christian takeover of America's political and civil institutions. (Even Ron Paul, glorified by civil libertarians for his only two good policy stances -- opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and drug prohibition -- sputtered about churches when asked during a debate where he'd send a gravely ill man without health insurance.)

AlterNetGOP pandering to the religious right is just one of those facts of American public life, like climate change denial and creationism in schools, that leave secular Americans lamenting the decline of the country, and of reason and logic. Organized religion's grasp on the politics and culture of much of Europe has been waning for decades -- why can't we do that here?

But there are signs that American attitudes are changing in ways that may tame religion's power over political life in the future.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, founder of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, tells AlterNet that she thinks what happened in Europe is (slowly) happening here. While questioning religion remains controversial -- Gaylor says the group's work on church and state issues often elicits hate mail strongly suggesting they move to, you know, Europe -- atheism, skepticism and agnosticism are becoming more widely accepted.

"The statistics show there are more of us ... If you're in a room of people you can count on more to agree with non-belief or to be accepting of non-belief," says Gaylor.

Here are five trends that give hope one day religion will reside in the realm of personal choice and private worship, far away from politics -- something like what the Founders intended hundreds of years ago.

1. American religious belief is becoming more fractured

2. Non-belief -- and acceptance of non-belief -- on the rise

3. Growing numbers of young people who do not identify as religious

4. Hate group that exploited religion to bash gays hemorrhaging funds

5. Getting married by friends


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Comment by Nathaniel Summers on September 30, 2011 at 12:38pm

I think the apparent idiocy and hatred in religious extremists is shinning a light on the evils of religion. Simply put, I think that people like the WBC are turning a lot of people away from god. Also, because it's illegal to assault and/or kill Atheists, it's become a lot easier to not only non-religion, but to also be openly non-religious. A lot of religious people are religious in name only. They do little more than pay lip-service to their respective god(s) and attend worship services and recognize religious holidays for purely social reasons.

Comment by Kairan Nierde on October 1, 2011 at 1:08am

What a lovely idea, being married by friends.


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