after declining to succumb to the
romantic notions of
mr. majid mohavedi,
a once beautiful Iranian Woman,
ran from him
while he relentlessly stalked her for
two years until he found her &
threw a bucket of acid on her face,
melting all of her physical beauty away &
blinding her
completely in

after 17 surgeries,
she is still blind &
she will be for the rest of her life---
mr. mohavedi on the other hand,
still walks with both eyes viewing the world
which she can no longer see

good ol’ sharia law,
which was written by mortal MEN,
permits Amenah a qisa
which would have allowed her
to gain payback or “justice”
(if you believe that burning out another’s
eyes would compensate for your own
by having acid dropped in his eyes &
at the time of his trial,
she told the court in question that this was
exactly what she wanted

the punishment of mohavedi
was originally supposed to take place in
april of 2009,
but was delayed & put off until may of
this year,
when it was postponed indefinitely,
and even if it had occurred,
it should be noted that because the qu’ran states that
a woman is worth half of a man
(“...get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women” qu’ran, 2:282),
even if he had been punished,
he would have only lost ONE EYE

Amenah pardoned mohavedi,
so that he will not lose an eye &
while this decision is being hailed by
amnesty international and people around the
world as being the right moral thing to do,
it seems as if the issue of women’s rights & religion has yet again
circumvented &
the real catalyst of the events of these past 9 years
gets swept under the carpet again

the fact remains that if these backward &
violent ideas WRITTEN BY MEN &
were ceased altogether,
by throwing out beliefs based on a poorly written
work of fiction,
then the women living in the parts of the world
where these ridiculously misogynistic behaviors
still hold dominance
would not have to live uneducated &
with a much shorter life span,
hoping not to get their faces burnt off because they
simply declined a marriage proposal.

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