My boyfriend and I got into a little discussion about the iPad. I find the commercials ridiculous, using such words like, "magical." They're presumptuous and arrogant.


He asked me, "How do you know it's not magic? Do you know how it works?"


I said, "No. Of course not. But that doesn't mean it's magic. There is a perfectly good explanation of how touch screens work. Just because I don't know how it works doesn't mean it's magic."


He went on to say, "You do realize that people use that same argument for god, right?"


Then he went on to say it would take me 30-40 years to learn how a touch screen worked, and that my logic wasn't really logical.


We're both atheists, but he's had a lot more time working on his logic and whatnot (he's 10 years older). Most of the time I take his word for what it is, simply because I really don't know better. That is slowly changing (as I'm learning to question everyone), and this is one of the few times I felt I could "take him on", so to speak. (Keep in mind, this was just a silly conversation between the two of us.)


But really. Is my logic here faulty? I've been trying to think for days about how my logic with this has been faulty. I KNOW there is a physical, obviously well-tested reason for touch-screens to work. It's NOT magic. All it would take is some research on my part. Right?


I'm a bit confused...

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Comment by Walter Maki on April 27, 2011 at 12:23am

Your logic is not faulty Mallory.

Here's a link for you:

Comment by Mallory on April 27, 2011 at 9:13am

@Walter, thanks! I'll check it out.


@Nelson, maybe he was thinking in terms of your second situation. Like I said, I'm not used to logically defending myself (most of my life, "Because I said so" was perfectly acceptable) and as such, it's difficult for me to gather my thoughts when I'm confronted. Since he can be relentless, I just dropped it even though I had the inkling that I was right. It felt to me that HIS logic was working backwards. Yes, people do call things they can't explain "god" and "magic". But that doesn't work the other way. There's already an explanation for touch screens. That doesn't mean it's suddenly magic because I personally can't explain it.


I hope that makes sense, lol. :)

Comment by River Lizard on June 13, 2011 at 11:33am

I know this is late posting to this but after reading your boyfriend's response to you, I had to post

One thing is if the ipod popped out of nowhere (magically appeared on earth) then he might have a case but that's NOT the case with the ipod, someone built it so there's information on how it works.  Now to say that theist can use that same view as you had stated, he's would have to be like the first part of my post...where something magically appeared hence their creator or all their other BS that they want to believe in with no evidence to back it up!

Don't under-rate yourself as far as logic.... years doesn't always mean you have more logic then someone who's younger.  I know plenty of people older than me who lack in the area of logic altogether.


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