Some of you may have seen the link posted on to an article written by Mark Tiborsky of The Cleveland Freethinkers. I thought I'd dig around on a bit and see how blatant it was.

They have a new article posted entitled Ape to Man; the first three paragraphs might come off as neutral, but by the forth there is no mistaking their views:
[I]t has become increasingly evident that there is an unbridgeable chasm between hominids and humans in both composition and culture. Moreover, homologous structures (similar structures on different species) do not provide sufficient proof of genealogical relationships—common descent is simply an evolutionary assumption used to explain the similarities.
I definitely started to feel the Intelligent Design innuendo showing though. I checked the Human Evolution article where they list and dismiss all the "missing links" - not only the frauds and misidentified, but also the legitimate finds. A few evolution related links lead me to this:
Evidence indicating Intelligent Design is abundant and overwhelming. Since the reemergence of evolutionary thought in the last two hundred years (popularized by Darwin's Origin of Species in 1859), evolutionists have zealously sought evidence to validate their theory. Nothing has yet to stand up under the close scrutiny of an in depth scientific evaluation.
At this point I was mostly fed-up, the ID overtones were way too obvious to think this site could be real science. Most of their ID views were directly related to evolution though; so when I noticed the article on the Theory of Relativity I thought I'd check it, just to see if they twisted that too. It seemed fairly scientific, right up until the end of the article where there is a section subtitled "Theory of Relativity – A Testament to Creation." This section goes round-and-round with the second law of thermodynamics, then closes with this gem:
Moreover, the very physical nature of time and space also suggest a Creator, for infinity and eternity must necessarily exist from a logical perspective. The existence of time implies eternity (as time has a beginning and an end), and the existence of space implies infinity. The very concepts of infinity and eternity infer a Creator because they find their very state of being in God, who transcends both and simply is.

They aren't even bothering with the usual ambiguity of Intelligent Design; they just showed their hand as creationist pushing their belief in Yahweh.

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Comment by Morgan Matthew on May 8, 2009 at 4:56pm
So I just poked around the site and I can see how people can fall victim to this sort of stuff. It always seems like its right at the last para/sentence for example, Darwin's theory has become "a theory in crisis." /palms face


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