is all there is---

this page, this typeface, these words,

shot out amongst the surface as a leaf blower might,

if that mechanism inside

which is used to suck up a plethora of leaves,

malfunctioned &

all of the leaves that had been captured prior,

now blow out

all over the yard---

imagine all those gorgeous leaves

of ever-so-fragile substance

now drained of their


replacing the once homogenously dominant

green with the

heterogeneously multifarious,

mosaic & motley

crew of

flushed fuscias, glowing garnets,

amazing amaranthines, alluring ambers,

lusciously light lemons, perfect peaches

& terrific titians     

(to name a few)---

and the person doing the leaf blowing gone awry,

that person’s closest friends and family, all the

work & social connections between them,

the history of their prospective movements

from location to location

(stirring up the sands of life every-which-way, elsewhere),

the offspring, the creative endeavors, the successes & the

failures, the hobbies & the committed life’s work, the

family trips & all the connections found within, the trips

alone & the deep introspection, the slowing down, the

graying of the hair, the loss of the hair, the taking it all

at your own pace,


and then the distinct



that comes with it all


without consequence,

without any greater meaning,

without allegiance to any force or

entity outside oneself & their own


when it had all ground so quick you were certain the

gears would have gone

years before---

but the individual disappears &

the personality can be only found

in the stamp of memory which

dwells in the actions & the words of

their journey---

while those still living take the bits &

pieces that they want to, discard the


and pass on the story that you have

written without picking up a

pencil, without sitting down at the

computer, without a care about the

typeface, the words,

or that pesky

leaf blower.


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