imagine if all your heroes,

all your idols, all your

“spiritual leaders,” who

have supposedly written books

(or had books written for them/

by them), whose “lives” have

been depicted as such by those

who never lived when they lived,

who never saw what these

people were supposed to look like,

who tell us that they themselves

never had even an iota of

ulterior motive

in the making of these characters---

imagine if the characters themselves

were all in a room today,

a room somewhere in the middle of

nowhere, surrounded by psychiatrists &

sociologists, psychologists & representatives

of every normative leadership franchise

(full of presidents of nations, CEO’s of

companies, heads of military, heads of

churches, temples, mosques, etc.)---

imagine that they actually let some of

us “common people” into the room as

well & then imagine if those in charge of

the gathering allowed these

supposed heroes & idols to speak.


one after another,

those who have been looked up to for

guidance, those who have been painted on

walls, formed into sculptures, those who

have been killed for, those who have

“inspired” whole nations to kill each

other, those who have been talked to

by the zillions on bended knees with

their eyes closed for century upon

century---they all spoke &

as they did,

those watching who hold power, those

who gear the cultural trends for our

puny existence & all of us “common

people” as well, began to

diagnose these individuals in accordance

with the parlance of our times, whereby soon,

these characters would be found to

have multiple personalities…they’d be manic-

depressive…they’d be schizophrenic…they’d

be writhing with all the imperfections,

chemical imbalances, phobias, flaws &

disorders that are used now to write off every

single aspect of human behavior that

extends even the slightest outside that perfect

little square (like a child coloring hard along

the lines in a coloring book…never venturing

outside them) &

most of all,

all these once followed would be found to be

nothing more than as wretched as the rest of

us---one could go further &

assume that no books would be written about

them, no books would be “written by them” &

in a few years, much less than how long

they presently have all been looked up to for

the ages,

all these followed would disappear &


without any of them, we would all still get on---





yes we would.



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