I just watched Agora a film by Alejandro Amenábar. This is a beautiful film with a message that I think many on this site will relate too. I knew nothing of Hypatia for some reason she has been almost erased from contemporary history. Agora is about philosophy, astronomy, religion but mostly its about us as a species. It asks how the hows and the whys and is as I have said a beautiful tale - a tragic tale but also a tale of the triumph of reason. This film should be a must see for everyone believers and non believers because its not a film about the battle over religion but a battle of ideas. I am curious to know how many other free thinkers out there or anyone in general knows about this film. It looks like according to IMDB that worldwide this film did fairly well having a budget of 73 million to produce. one last note I urge everyone who watches this film to watch the special features hearing from the director and the actors makes you appreciate the beauty of Agora even more.

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Comment by Allen J. Thoma on December 4, 2010 at 8:41am
I also enjoyed the movie, although it is not 100% historically accurate (what movie ever is?). Carl Sagen many years ago profiled Hypatia in his program "Cosmos", which is worth watching. Hypatia was not quite the visionary astronomer that the movie made her out to be, but she must have been truly phenomenal to have been in charge of the greatest library in antiquity. I remember Sagen rightfully saddened by the loss of ancient knowledge when the Christians burned the library (we have virtually nothing of Epicurus and many other ancient Greeks). Overall I think the movie was excellent and well worth the time.


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