billy~ Even to a normal, moderate, generally secular minded Muslim, stating unequivocally the argument against sharia in any form is a potentially traumatic thing - it might even be said that it is tantamount in a way to a declaration of unbelief - which is the very worst thing any Muslim might do.

Because you have to admit and assert the non-negotiable, absolute basic truth and assertion that man-made law, subject to human judgment, through democratic, liberal means, with infinite adjustments, admitting the imperfect nature of society and man, a never ending defining road to reflect society and its values that change and reform, are superior to the fixed codes of God.

In other words, to articulate this, for a Muslim, in reference to Islam which is characterised by this meshing of belief with an entire framework of laws, codes and sharia, is to state that the laws of Allah are innately, intrinsically inferior to the laws of man and woman.

That is deeply troublesome for believing Muslims to admit, even moderate Muslims. It strikes at the very heart of their identity. Islam is not supposed to be subservient to anything. The sharia of Islam is not supposed to be subservient to the changeable laws of humans. The sharia is in its essence immutable and eternal - and all else must eventually submit to it, rather than the other way round.

That is some major cognitive dissonance we're dealing with.

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