when the “dignitary,”

the president or the lesser puppet

stands down from their post

to “write” their book &

blab on the lecture circuit,

those who remember the bloodshed

of which their administrations

were responsible

make their way to the front

to grab the mic & point the finger

at the figurehead of


the button pushing, torturous

unfeeling robots,

who continue to lead our world



these war criminals will not be

exemplified at another


for there will never be another---

s/he gains immunity from the

world’s ability to imprison them &

keep them from profiting after

they leave their post,

by the shaking of the bloody & dirty


of their crony counterparts,

those co-conspirators

in the quest to keep elite order

as the rest of us fester---

but when one sees them in public,

when one speaks up against them,

the words flowing from your mouth

will be caught on all the phone video


in the audience &

their slimy reactions will also be seen,

then being broadcasted on the net---

so keep up the good work!

your finger pointed in disgust inspires

the rest of us!

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