According to "Rock City Church" I've been waiting my entire life for this!!!

I had to attach a picture of the flyer I got in the mail today.

It's so funny. It reads:

"You've been waiting your entire life for this of course you've not been waiting your entire life for a random piece of mail. But if you're like a lot of people, you've been waiting your entire life to understand what you're here for- to know your purpose and to discover and live out something a whole lot bigger than yourself. That's what it's all about.

We want to introduce you to something new. something exciting and relevant- something that is full of life. And that "something" is Rock City Church.



We think church can be innovative and creative, authentic and inspiring - and all-out enjoyable experience. So, we've created a casual and comfortable environment where you can grab a cup of free coffee or soda relax, and be yourself.


And, we offer safe, creative and exciting programs for kids from birth to 5th grade. Our awesome team of trained volunteers guarantee what while you're loving church, you kids will be loving church too!


So whether you are discontent, spiritually restless, rand new at discovering who God is, or you are a veteran of the faith, we invite you to join us and see yourself- you won't regret it.

See what all the BUZZ is about." 



Yes, I made everything bold that was bold on the flyer. They welcome veterans of the faith, but what about people that have retired, such as myself? This it the cheesiest thing I have seen in awhile. They are holding services at a movie theater. Maybe services will be on 3-d. I found it humorous and wanted to share. 

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