I just picked up this quote from an article in the Advocate online magazine, and I feel like I really need to say a couple of things. But first, here's the quote:

"Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us? I/we do not have to accept anything, anyone, any behavior or any choices! I do not have to tolerate anything others wish to do."
I supposed that this could really spark within me the need to go on at length about the need for the religious to separate their faith from their politics, but I feel like I've already beaten that to death on my Tumblr. I'll simply say this: We have written into our Constitution the separation of church and state, not because our founding fathers were so religious, but because they were so not religious. A common misconception among the American religious population, is that we live in a Christian nation because it's written into our ConstitutionBut unfortunately, for them at least, our founding fathers were more Humanistic sons of the Enlightenment than anything else. In fact, several of them wrote at length about the plurality of worlds and gods, extra terrestrial life, and a philosophical denial of any sort of prime deity who cares about the emotions or situations or lives of human beings.
Now, back to that quote. Unfortunately for this person, they are exactly wrong. Disregarding completely, for the moment, their accusation that these acts are unnatural and immoral, this person goes on to state that she does "not have to tolerate anything others wish to do". Here's the thing, and I'm afraid that I can't say this strongly enough: Yes, yes you do have to tolerate the way in which others behave. Yes, yes you do have to tolerate what others wish to do. And yes, yes you do have accept the behavioral choices of others.
I wish I could end there but if I don't add this last part I'll probably get lots of angry comments. You do have to do all those things unless they infringe upon your person, personal effects, personal property or things like that. But I'll tell you what doesn't fit into the "things like that" category - your personal beliefs. Whatever beliefs you wish to have, are fine. No one is going to stop you from thinking or believing anything you want to. But when you take what you personally believe, pass judgement on others based on that, and then try to make that the law of the land, that is too far. You have overstepped a really big boundary.
I don't go around telling people that I believe in Luke Skywalker as my personal savior, and everyone who does not share my belief must be killed by a Storm Trooper shooting a laser gun. I think we can all agree, that would be ridiculous. Similarly, I don't go around saying that because Luke Skywalker is my personal savior, regardless of whether or you accept this to be true, you must refrain from using a pen with red ink, as the color red signifies the Dark Side and is therefore distressing to my Lord Skywalker. Also ridiculous.
I don't go around shoving my beliefs down the throats of other people. I don't go onto a persons FB status and argue with them because I don't agree with what they said. And I don't post irrational hate speech online about everyone who does not share my beliefs. All I want is for people to show me the same courtesy.

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