absence of an ideological sameness

the big picture will roll around

found within the romantic bliss

of one & another’s initial journey,

where questions that are not simple

get asked of the other, to establish

some kind of “spiritual” center

in the person laying there in the bed beside

or across the table in a fine restaurant---

for those of us whose “center” is hollow,

for those of us whose “center” is merely

a mish-mash of tendons, muscles, organs,

nerves, biological fluids & life until

life decides to stop within us,

then the conversation stays on this plane &

this plane alone &

for the other motivation,

one in which by some sequence of events

conjured in one’s head,

the whole universe has a puny little human

being in mind &

therefore, there is “life after death” & meaning

beyond our mutual reality &

a “soul” & all the rest of it…

when these two heads collide,

once the sex has worn off,

there may be

an absence of ideological sameness

which causes one individual,

the one who wants the other to believe what

they believe,

to throw a little fit &

it might just ruin the whole deal---

why not break the ice with the big questions &

leave the little stuff for the post-orgasmic



a.“hi there, i saw you standing over here & i was

just wondering if you think that there is a “god,”

you know, a “soul,” that whole “afterlife” thing &

the rest of it?”


b.”um, i guess so…your name is?”


a.”hey, enjoy the rest of your evening.  see ya.”

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