Now a days I am sharing my room with a Sri Lankan guy. He worships Bhagwan. This morning he was praying and I asked him what is he praying for?

He told me that he is praying for blessings for him & his family & he was felling very happy. I asked him does your Bhagwan reply? Because you are praying since your childhood does he ever gave you any gesture?

He said 'see man' this is a table & here is a bottle on it . Table is standing on four legs it can stay here as long as it is not moved by someone. So there is a power which is holding it & this power i dont know it is God , Jesus or Allah but someone is holding it up. That's why it is standing & there is same thing with the world.

I said ok then I gave no impression & went out i laughed again & again on this logic.

During these days muslims are celebrating Eid-Ul-Adha every year they slaughter millions of animals to make their Allah happy.

I dont know about other religions how long they been slaughtering animals but Muslims are slaughtering for more than 1400 years they say it makes the God happy it is the sunnah of his beloved prophet Abraham.

I wrote on my urdu blog that if there is Allah & he feels happy with the blood then now he must tell his worshipers that now he is fully happy so please donate your money for poor kids who are not going to school. Give your money to the needy people who are fighting for their two time bread & butter.
I shared it on twitter account & then the muslims responded with their "religious & pure" language and called me treacherous & islamophobic.

In Pakistan animals are killed on roads before kids in a barbaric way then this barbarism among kids grows with their age & then a time comes when a muslim grown kid shouts a slogan (Allah Ho Akber) Allah is great & blows himself up.

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