A True Christian Conservative Nightmare - Atheist Hip-Hop!

I don't know how many folks here on Think Atheist are fans of the genre and for those of you that aren't please spare me the bashing. I love Hip-Hop, it gets a bad rap. Judging Hip-Hop by what you've seen or heard on MTV for the past 6 years or so is kin to judging Metal and all it's sub genres based on the Hair Metal that graced the same network in the 80s. Behind the "Glam Rap" that dominates airtime now and the Gangsta trend that came before it are some incredibly intelligent individuals weaving together words with grace on par with the greatest of great poets. Go download a copy of Joe Budden's 3 Sides To A Story, give it a listen - a FULL, REAL listen - and then tell me Hip-Hop is shallow and lacks meaning.

Sorry for the semi off-topic rant but I've come to the realization that one can't expose themselves in public as a fan of Hip-Hop without 20 pages of attack against it so I figured I'd made my feelings known now.

On to the point of this post - one of those afore-mentioned incredibly intelligent individuals who is trying to catch a break is Greydon Square - atheist rapper.

Check him out at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=577007

Fans of Hip-Hop's more lyrical, poetic side should check him out, one of the best of the sudden underground explosion of what has been tagged "conscious Hip-Hop." You won't here anything about guns, drug dealers, or jewelry in Greydon Square's music - just the passion-filled musings of a Compton-born Iraq War veteran on politics, race relations, and especially RELIGION. Check out Galactual Actual, 2008 Atheist Dreadnaught, or A Rational Response for some of his best anti-religion material, incredible stuff. His album's title track, The Cpt Theorem contains a very interesting message for African-American Christians:

Now I'm catchin' flack from African-Americans/
Because I told 'em Jehovah wasn't their natural heritage/
It's imperative they're disclosed the whole narrative/
But sad they learned it from a 26-year-old heretic/
Children of slaves raised to believe in the same god that their grandparents slave-holders made/
You been played, G/
So before you think how to "save" me/
You should read what your Bible has to say about slavery/
Leviticus 24th: 40 to 46/
Not only does it condone but really it encourages it/

Check him out. Real Hip-Hop isn't dead, it just got a little harder to find in recent years.

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