A South African Skeptic Podcast – A First of its Kind

A friend of mine recently turned me on to this incredible site, Primordial Soop. Its hosts, Deon Barnard, Suzanne Patterson, Basil Polydorou, and Brian Coughlan are all intelligent, well-spoken, and well-read South Africans or former South Africans who hold biweekly debates around South African religious issues, from Evolution to the lack of separation of church and state in South Africa.

Their podcasts are relatively new, with about one podcast being recorded every second week. They recently recorded their seventh podcast and they are slowly but surely getting more structured, more organised content, and audibly more confident in their program.

For every podcast they discuss a hero of the week, a retard of the week, and offer some interesting statistics on the state of religion in South Africa and, more broadly, the world. They openly confess to structuring their podcasts on Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, a podcast many atheists view as the benchmark for all skeptic podcasts to aspire to.

Even Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (SGU) started slowly, with a lot of rambling in the beginnings of podcasts leading up to the nitty-gritty content as the speakers became more confident with their medium. Judging by the most recent podcast by Primordial Soop they are quickly heading in the same direction as SGU, gaining momentum quickly and hopefully moving towards becoming a powerful and influential force in South Africa.

If this is the first you are hearing about them, retweet/tweet about their webpage, whether you’re in South Africa or not. Let your local skeptic groups know about them, send emails to relevant listserves, play sound clips of the podcasts on local radio stations, drop a mention everywhere you know how, be it forums, blogs, or word-of-mouth.

South Africa is saturated with religion and to hear this whisper of skepticism amidst the roar of religions is really rare and exciting. Their are several growing skeptic and free-thought organisations in South Africa, such as the Free Society Institute, but this is the first South African skeptic podcast I have ever heard of.

They encourage email respondents, be it good or bad criticism. Drop them a line to let them know what you would like to hear discussed on the show or simply comment on aspects of their discussions. Join the discussion on their webpage, or email Deon at deonb@learningstrat.com.

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