My response to a Muslim who sent me 27 tweets

Thank you for sending me 27 tweets trying to save my soul, which i don't have from hell which does not exist upon being judged by a god that isn't there. Wanting me to go to a heaven, which does not exist is a nice though. It still bewilders me what i would do with 72 virgins, and would they stay virgins afterwards? How long would it be before all 73 of us would be bored by each other? Eternity can be a very long time you know.

The other bothersome question that comes to mind is, where do these 72 virgins come from, they can't be real human virgins since the ratio of 1:72 male to female is not available in nature, so are these virgins clones? Are they synthetic? or are they imaginary?

But let's leave heaven and it's tales alone for a bit. Let's visit hell, since it is getting a bit cold in heaven. A warmer place would be nice. In one of the descriptions of hell, from your holy book, it seems that hell is wood fired in your theology. Is that even feasible? the other problem with even hell existing and being the way it is, whether that is compatible with the notion that your god is a just and fair god. Posting an infinite torturous punishment for what is essentially a finite and very limited transgression seems to go against all known doctrines of justice and fairness.

Gods in monotheistic religions are known not to have partners or family members or friends. Tho you will have to acknowledge that at least some of these monotheistic religions may have had a polytheistic origin of some sort. Judaism is one to being up on this subject, all you really need to look at is the first commandment..from the old testament. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

It would make no sense to make a statement like that, had there not been other gods.
Given the nature of the monotheistic religions, we still have to notice that the monotheistic gods do keep helpers and aides to assist them in their day to day godly functions that they need to perform.
If you can't comprehend it right away, then please read your holy book again.
Creation myths predate monotheistic religions, so the creation of the world, or universe as many like to call it these days, does take some time, regardless of the creator being a monotheistic god or a whole group of polytheistic gods.

Regardless, in your monotheistic god's case, he creates the universe in 6 days, then rests in the seventh. And that is a formidable achievement even when you try to diminish it by claiming that a day can mean an arbitrary length of time, usually too long for a human to comprehend or relate to.
Two issues still linger.

The first of is, your god, being perfect and timeless must have existed in his perfectness and timelessness before the creation of the universe, that alone would pause a problem regarding the passage of time, but we will ignore that for the purposes of the continuity of the argument, and proceed to the first issue, god being perfect, but without a universe, must have had a perception of even better perfectness by creating the universe, a situation that leaves us with this possibility; god was not perfect without the universe lest he would not have crated the universe.

As a consequence, god is not perfect on his own. Hence, he needed to create the universe to achieve perfection...
I know, this is not the level of argument you are used to get, but hey, you asked for it.

The Second issue is, taking a rest after finishing the big job he tasked himself with. This action can only be understood in terms of getting tired and needing a recess to recover, now before you act on the urge you feel to defend your god from such a shortcoming, think for a moment what are you defending, and how big is the universe. I am sure you will be fine he takes a brake for a day or so, after all, you don't want your god to expire from exhaustion...

Taking a day off every week of work is a very human thing, and it seems we have projected it onto our gods too.
Again, for an atheist, a god having a whole family or being quite alone makes no difference.
You are not arguing the tenets of monotheism in general or your specific version of it with someone who thinks any version of a god, gods, god family or friends can be valid or real.

You are talking to an atheist remember, we don't care what color, size, gender or temper your god has, we don't care if your god concept denotes a single god or a multitude of gods or goddesses. What we care about is these concepts are false, unreal and man made. And what you need to demonstrate very clearly, with evidence that comes not from your holy book, is that, these concepts are not man made. And you can't.

And about your claimed god's message being one and clear. Any sane person can write a "one" and clear message, put it in a book, we call those people authors, and we have them sign our copies when we meet them. The mere fact that words, sentences, paragraphs of amazing text are written in book format does not change the nature of these words, sentences and paragraphs. Your holy book is not the evidence, it is the claim. Claims need supporting evidence, not more claims.

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