so i went to this christian camp ( i wanted to go to see if i could find god) and what they taught is that having religion is not the most important thing what matters is that the christian has a personal relationship with god. and they said that you feel god presence and his (god) love,  when they had worship time. but all i saw was crazy people screaming JESUS!!!!!!! and that crap. so my question is what is so wrong with having an imaginary friend that can make people feel like they have love from this deity? 

thanks for the responses 

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Comment by Sagacious Hawk on July 2, 2012 at 3:17pm

The problem starts when other people think you need to believe in their imaginary friend.

Comment by James Cox on July 3, 2012 at 9:02pm

I think, may be I had a slitly imaginary friend, it was called 'chemistry set'. I could make all kinds of stuff, weird reactions, and it told me that with a little work and more chemicals I could rule the world. Sadly I discovered that the more chemicals I had the more really stupid things I could do with it, to the place of realization 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. It taught me that power must be bound to sanity, if not wisdom. That deep knowledge about the natural world could save your life, and that more is not always better if you are not ready.

Other people do believe in a 'better world via chemistry', but most of us need a deeper understanding. Watch out for what you put your 'faith' in. Grow your understanding deep, don't pretend to know everything, because you could be 'dead' wrong.       

Comment by Unseen on July 4, 2012 at 9:07am

You could just go to a car dealership. The car salesman will act like a friend, but the friendship is imaginary.

Comment by Mabel on July 4, 2012 at 5:26pm

I remember when I was a Christian a long time ago, going around feeling God's presence all the time. I don't know what the hell was up with that but I have my theories.

It's hard to accept that "the presence" is imaginary, especially the more comfort you get from it. I managed to accept it just fine once I realized I was trying to accomplish the impossible which was to justify suffering.

I got to the point where I could no longer look into the eyes of cold and suffering people and allow for the existence of an all powerful compassionate supreme being. These two things became clearly irreconcilable for me and one of them had to go and it wasn't going to be the suffering people because you can touch them. They are real. You can't touch a god that does not exist.


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