I caught a news piece on the new Noah's Ark that was been built in the Netherlands. It's referred to as Johan's Ark. Apparently he had a dream about it one night and the next day he decided to move forward and spend 1.6 million on building it. From a business standpoint, I'll bet that he'll see his money back. If he drug it across the Atlantic to say Georgia, he might see it back this year. 



This picture caught my eye. The hull of the boat, It's a barge.A steel barge. Later in its construction you'll find that they make the barge look like rest of the boat... of should I call it a ship now? So there is a physical reality in large wooden ships. They can't effectively be built over 300 feet long. Noah's Ark would have been about 450 feet long. A feat never accomplished. Without a steel beam, it would collapse in on itself. The great irony is that this is even noted on the Wikipedia page on Johan's Ark. Imagine it loaded up with supplies and animals. Good luck out in the rough seas!


So what is the history of large wooden ships? How big have they gotten? I have to say that over 300 feet, the outlook is dismal. From Wikipedia's page on the subject. The largest in history is the Tessarakonteras which was reportedly 425 feet long. This vessel is noted as for show on land. So we can't count it in the search for Noah's great engineering. 


The next closest is the Wyoming. It was actually 450 feet long and it went to sea for 15 years... before it sunk. There is an important footnote to this story. The jib boom was 89 feet long. The actual recorded length was 329 feet. Also recorded was that when at sea, she would twist and leak in heavy seas.


Rochambeau 377', not stable or seaworthy, Scrapped.

Caligula's Giant Ship 341, Simply a barge.

Pretoria, 337', lasted five years, and sunk.

HMS Orlando and Mersey 335" Suffered structural failures, scrapped. 

Great Republic, 335', reinforced with steel, actually made it 19 years before it was abandoned. 


So 335' with steel reinforcements is as close as we can get in modern times to a guy whom built a ship by himself in 4300 BC, with no experience, that built a loaded ship 450 feet long for what must have been stormy seas. Even the modern fervent supporters won't build one and put it to sea, but they think that Noah did. If the Creation Museum and Johan doesn't prove the point that it's not possible even with the greatest amount of faith, then nothing will. Of course it follows, if a story as central to the Bible as Noah isn't true, then the rest of the Bible isn't true, or it's greatly exaggerated and why care about what it says at all? Sounds like the ramblings of a fisherman telling the story about the monster that got away.  


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Comment by Stevec on June 23, 2011 at 12:16pm
Notice the end of Johan's Ark nearest to the camera that took this picture. Did Noah have CCTV  on the side of his Ark?
Comment by Gaytor on June 23, 2011 at 12:17pm
Nice. Parallel parking that thing is a bitch!


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