Sometimes I like to think that good things do happen for a reason, like there truly is some manner of fate pulling on our strings. But then I thought... Why can't good things just... Happen? Who is to say that the physical laws of our universe can't simply create an event that I perceive as good?

Some people try to imagine a godless universe and suddenly everything is terrible. But really, the only thing that has changed is your perspective. There is still good, still bad, and your perspective changes nothing of our universe, except how we live within it.

An atheist can't have a positive view of the universe? I'm here, aren't I? The awesome line of events that have put me here help me appreciate how random circumstances can really be a beautiful thing. I've had many terrible experiences, but so does everyone, and I have had amazing experiences as well. It is a part of human life. I hope for more random circumstances that make my life as enjoyable as humanly possible.

Now perhaps my view will change, or it is simply "wrong," however I do doubt it. I imagine some people may see this and attack me because I have a different view, and to do so is really weak. Attacking a positive idea, one that is entirely harmless, personal, and not being crammed in someone's face... That is weakness.

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