I enjoy looking at a variety of views on both theism and atheism. One argument that has intrigued me is the problem of evil which goes something like this:
Premise 1.) If God exists, then there would be no evil (immoral actions) in the world.
Premise 2.) There is (are) evil (immoral actions) in the world.
Conclusion: God does not exist.

This is a strong argument in favor of Atheism, however many would try to attack the first premise which we shall call (1). I have been thinking about how to defend (1) and have come up with a few things.
A.) Many claim god to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent. However, if this were true then clearly such a powerful being would not allow evil to exist. If a theist were to claim that evil does exist AND God exists, then they would be going against the idea that god is all powerful, all knowing, and all good.
B.) Another claim against the problem of evil is that god created free beings that can make their own moral choices. This may be the case, but from a biblical account when god created the world he said that all things were good, therefore not evil; leaving evil to be unexplained. The existence of free beings would also contradict God's will. For example if I were to break my leg, upon asking a theist why this happened they would reply "it was God's will". That leads to the following argument:
I.) If we are free beings, then God would not impose his will on us, so as to control us.
II.) God imposes his will on us.
III.) Therefore, we are controlled beings.
Conclusion: We are not free beings.
If God was controlling us, surely it follows that we would act in moral ways at all times, but we don't.
C.) Evil is merely the absence of good. How can this be the case if everything God made was good? If we are not free beings, but controlled by a being that is only good there would not be the capacity to lack good.
These seem to be the best arguments I could think of at the time. I know there are many more arguments out there for and against the problem of evil, so please post them and I will do my best to address these issues!

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