A Mormon Just Believes (in ruining lives)

Here is the link to the article which will explain my discussion: http://prideinutah.com/?p=11093


What you'll find, should you click on it, is a story about yet another suicide by a newly out-of-the-closet gay man who was also a long-time Mormon. True to the form of the Mormon church, (and how he didn't see this coming, I'm really not sure) he was swiftly excommunicated, his wife of many years snatched up their kids and took off, and his family refused to speak to him. Within a matter of weeks, it all came to a head and he killed himself; naturally, the church has yet to make any comment at all regarding their treatment of him. I have never, even when I was part of the religious right, been able to comprehend how...HOW...people can willingly turn their used-to-be functioning brains over to the Mormon Church?!? Of all the wildly popular, mainstream religions, this one takes one of the biggest pieces of the proverbial cake, in my opinion. Angels called "Moroni",--Aha! A clue, Sherlock!--God coming down from heaven to personally impregnate Mary with Super Sperm to make baby Jesus, polygamy, incest, and a planet for everyone who does EXACTLY what the Church tells them to...and I'm just scratching the surface of their lottery card of lunacy.

This is a relatively young religion, yet it has caught on like wildfire in Texas, claiming more and more disgustingly naive followers every year and since the money keeps coming in, so does the ability to churn out more cookie-cutter missionaries to increase the flock. I can dismiss a lot of what they believe with a simple and succinct, "Pfff!" most of the time, but when horrific atrocities like this go down, I can feel my blood pressure skyrocketing. The only thing this man wanted to do was come out and be honest about who he really was after squashing it away in the darkest, deepest parts of himself for so many years. The pressure to conform in this religion is enormous. You, as a believer, literally carry the weight of your world on your shoulders daily; especially if you live in hot-button areas like Utah. If you step just the right baby toe out of line, your whole world will literally come crashing down on your head. Once again, the article doesn't address this, so I don't really know what other possible outcome this fellow thought was coming his way, but based on his reaction and the finality of that reaction, I think either he convinced himself that his family at least would back him even if the Church shunned him, or he was in denial of the grim reality of his situation and only when that reality slammed head-on into him, was he forced to see it for what it truly was. But, I don't know...and we may never know. As the article states, the family is doing their damndest to hush it all up as much as possible. 

I don't really know if I have a point to make with all this blather, except that when I see stories like this that get pushed into the background, (ex. not on Yahoo News at all, although it is VERY important that we learn how to make perfect mac 'n cheese) it drives me to the brink of madness. I am a student of Psychology and it is terribly disheartening to me that there is rarely any mention of these people going through these crises while seeking help of some kind. It should never come to this, this permanent self-destruction. And things like this cement even further my disbelief in "God". If he/she/it is out there, he/she/it absolutely, definitely doesn't give two shits about us and more than likely, he/she/it isn't there to begin with. But to see people throwing themselves at these religions seeking love and acceptance from their "higher authority" and simultaneously superimposing that onto their family and loved ones, only to have it all ripped away because they dared to break ranks...*sigh*...it's more than disheartening.

Of all the institutions put forth by humanity to keep order and maintain civility, religion has to be at the top of the list of Ultimate Fails. If for no other reason, than the fact that religions achieve their goal by contradicting their goal. They claim they are harvesting people's hearts for a good and loving God and that their religion exists for the spreading of that blanket of love; but in reality, they are running a fear campaign. Fear of being excluded, fear of being alone, fear of having everyone/everything you've ever known taken away because you "don't belong" anymore. Fear of inadequacy, fear of isolation, fear of facing what used to be the "known" and having it turned into the "unknown". This is no way for mankind to behave and it is certainly not conducive to a productive society of highly evolved beings. The Mormon Church should hang its head in shame for the vile treatment of this individual. His wife deserves to be haunted by his memory for the rest of her life, and I can only hope that their children find there way far, far away from his hideous religion and start a new path towards truth. I wish only peace for them as I cannot begin to imagine the pain they must be suffering.

I broke free from the prison of religion completely and permanently last year and I am better for it. I lucked out that my husband is on the same page with me and that I have other friends and a sibling that are like-minded. I choose not to tell my mother or mother-in-law because it would break their hearts and likely cause lasting damage to my relationship with them. But I am again lucky because this decision to hide this part of who I am from them does not plague me on a regular basis. It may annoy me from time to time, but I can tolerate this side-effect. This man could not hide who he was any longer...and he'd spent the better part of his life trying. All he wanted was exactly what anyone from the LGBTQ community wants when they eventually gain the courage to come out...some degree of acceptance and love. He wasn't asking for much, just the continued love and support from his family that should have been granted him. Instead, they turned their backs on him, let the Church ruin him, and now labor day and night to erase his memory and the events that unfolded prior to his death. But hey, they'll get their Celestial planet for being good little Mormons in the end, so you see...everything works out! If there turns out to be a God, and I have to take my turn on "Judgement day" explaining my worldly actions and God asks me how I could turn my back on him, I will look him straight in the face and say, "How could YOU turn your back on them?" 

One last side note: I have spent a number of years studying the tenants, history, and belief structure of the Mormon Church so if anyone needs assistance with unraveling their brand of madness, let me know. 


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