Someday, I will no longer be alive to walk this Earth, and like a lot of other people, I want to leave a unique legacy  behind that will keep my loved ones and my family members thinking about me, even when my body has long turned into dust. This story will be my story.


Imagine being able to see the lives of your loved ones from an accelerated perspective. Imagine waking up one day and seeing an entire year of your loved one elapsing an entire year. On the first day, your loved one was in his thirties, and after ten days in your time, you see that same person age another decade, into their forties.

Another week passes, and he tells you about how he loved having his first grandchild, and how she sounded so cute when she called him 'gwanpa' and how sweet she looked when she held on to her pink blanket too much on the trip to Disneyland. Those were the days.


He was so stubborn too back then, he said, and he was sorry that he couldn't tell you everything that he wanted to say. Family members say the worst things when they're angry, and he was no different.


At the time, he didn't know he only had about a decade left to go, and those days like years started to trickle away too fast. Time is so precious, and his heart only had ten days left in your time. He had no more time left.


When the final year came, his last words to her were "don't forget to check your mail"


Little did she know, he sent her a letter into the future that would arrive on her 70th birthday, and he sent another note for each year of his life so that she would see a new note every day for the next thirty days after her birthday. 


I might be long gone by then, but I'll be sure to leave hidden notes through time so that my family never, ever forgets me.

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