I was born into a very religious Muslim family. Today i was thinking that when i was a child i was told that there is a God in the skies who is staying above the seven skies & monitoring all our virtues & sins via his angels.
He doesn't sleep. He stays awake all day & night. He gives us food. He bring clouds & then it rains. He controls the weather.

He has the ability to control everything even he controls our minds. He sends prophets to all the nations they spread their messages which are called the Holy scripts etc etc .

Today science has proved that there are no seven skies we are staying on one & only planet which is comfortable for human needs we have the evolution concepts which have been proved & still more ideas & questions being answered by scientists.

A very strange thing i realised 13 years ago is that the God which we are told that he is very generous to all living things on earth then what the poor people are doing here why he doesn't serve a family in Africa which is dying with hunger. On the other side a preacher is making a mosque for God to make him happy with the people's money who are fighting on roads for food. Was he not able to make his home for himself ? .

If he gave a message to his beloved prophets why he didn't gave them the facility of printing press why they wrote it on animal skin & wood.

Why the people committed war crimes to spread his message. If the God loves peace then why he asks in his book to fight against non believers. Can we call him a lover of humanity ? .

He created satan and allowed him to mess everything which is created by him. Is he playing games with us ? ..
To be continued .......

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Comment by TJ on August 21, 2016 at 4:25pm

If nothing else, he has been created in man's image as the God of Spin Control.

IE: Every description must describe him as perfect, and all knowing, all powerful, omnibenificent, and so forth....no matter what evidence to the contrary.

IE: He is essentially DEFINED as having these positive attributes.

If you read the parts where he says he is a jealous god, etc...that's glossed over, his coveting of your worship...an obvious flaw.

If people are happy/things go well, its proof of his goodness, and, if things are going badly, he's testing you/works in mysterious ways.

If he's all loving, and orders murders to be committed, its glossed over, instead of viewed as a conflict.

And so forth.


So, things that do not exist cannot play games with us.

Things we make up CAN play games with us, but, more accurately, can game us.


Comment by Noon Alif on August 21, 2016 at 7:35pm
Sir After your comment it is concluded that its no need to discuss a thing which doesnt exits :D


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