A friend of mine used to be Atheist but a few years ago she became catholic. (Backwards, right?) I love her and she's a great friend, but sometimes the religion gets to be too much. Today I'm kind of amused. She posted a note on facebook about a dream she had.... and she thinks it was a sign from god. I of course, think she ate something bad before going to bed. Lol anyone care to give me a clue as to what her dream may mean? Cus it's damn sure not from any sort of god.

----My Friend's Dream----

My mom, Alan and that girl with the flaming red hair.JUST A DREAM! I had this dream I cannot remember every detail of it but I will try to recall as best I can: I was somewhere......with my brother Paul and he had an expensive collection of things but he could not take them all home. He wanted my mom to bring some back for him. We went back to his house (I suppose) and sat and waited for my mom and we all kidded around and talked for a bit I think we even had dinner. Well we started to wonder where my mom was at so we got in a car and went looking for her and she lived in this big mansion like place so we went to get her. We went inside and she was with a whole bunch of other people...mostly females that I can recall. Anyway we asked her where Paul's items were that he needed and she handed us the backpack but some of the items were missing. We asked our mom where they were and she said she did not know. All of a sudden I had the urge to go to the potty so I went into the restroom but one of the toilets was not working there was something wrong with it, perhaps a clog. So there was another toilet in that restroom but it was behind a stall. I wanted to use it but it belonged to the lady in the house with the flaming red hair. I figured nobody would know so I sat down on the toilet and as I did a flash of images went in front of me of the lady with the flaming red hair her hair was curly and her pupils were fire and she was angry. I jumped off and decided to use the other one because I had to really go I guess. Anyways I used it and left and my mom was coming into the bathroom with the lady with the flaming red hair. She didn't have a name in my dream she just was. So anyway the lady told my mom that all the Christian religions are bogus and that she had a new idea about God. It wasn't new I had heard it a million times but she said it was new. It was that God doesn't need organized religion to be worshiped and "Why go to their Churches that make you go every Sunday?" She was saying her Church was going to be one where worshiping at the church was not obligatory and one could go any day they wanted. The foundation of the new church was relativism, and morals didn't matter really. Just believe what you will about God and things of that nature. She was going to be the priestess and she put on white robes trimmed in gold. My mom joined her church and the other women in the house joined her church as well. All of the women were my moms age or thereabouts and definitely not very old. However, when they joined this church they all (including my mom) began to age. Their faces were deformed and aging quickly they had terrible sunken cheeks and the lady with the flaming red hair had started out beautiful but her hair was dulling and her face was aging but none in the church could see the aging and the deformation as I did. They all thought they were beautiful even though I thought they were ugly. Then I went into my mother's room and peeking out from beneath her bed was a bulgy white pillow case. Inside of the pillowcase was the missing things my brother and I were looking for, dvds and other valuables I guess. My mom was still aging and her hair was dulling and I was scared for her but she said she did not want to be Catholic anymore. Then my Catholic facebook friend Alan came into the room and pulled my mom into his shoulder and behind him was an older, kinda chubby faced priest, he was doing the sign of the cross over and over kind of blessing my mom. And Alan was praying over my mom and suddenly I could feel my mom's sensations because I had become her for a moment but was also able to see with my own eyes.My mom's sensations were of like a tingling inside her veins but also of warmth and happiness and she asked why she felt that way but Alan didn't speak. And he prayed over her and the cherubim on the walls that were just paintings on the walls like decorative....began dancing and praising God. My mom wanted to be Catholic again and she left the other weirdo church and the aging stopped and began to reverse. I left because I was afraid of the cherubim. We were about to live happily ever after when I decided I had some unfinished business at the mansion and wanted to go back. Then the picture of St. Paul said my name as if he were going to say something to me but I was afraid because pictures don't talk. I ran out of the house and slammed the door shut and didn't return.

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Comment by Emmy Ellison on March 28, 2011 at 8:32pm
I'm not sure. She apparently has gotten responses but they're from people I've blocked because I got tired of reading "oh dear! Your son got a boo boo? god teaches us in mysterious ways!" Etc. The child is 3... of course he's going to get hurt sometimes. It's part of being human! She has a few friends who include god in every comment so i had to block them. Otherwise i may have gone off on them and given them reason to think they're right in their bs stereotypes of Atheists. My friend did comment about someone's ex wife, saying "I'll pray for her. You do so as well." So maybe she thinks the ex wife is the red head?
Comment by Heather Spoonheim on March 30, 2011 at 2:13pm

I've had a few dreams about having a lot of trouble finding some privacy to pee - sometimes the only toilet is in the middle of the street and I'm left dancing around waiting for a break in the traffic. These dreams consistently result in me being awoken by the fact that my bladder is incredibly full.


Perhaps she was having a similar dream, and the 'do anything you want church' was her subconscious desire to just go ahead and wet the bed.  When she became horrified at the aging and then suddenly became her mother, this might have expressed fears she had regarding aging and becoming incontinent like her mother.


By the end, she runs out and slams the door shut, indicating that she had just peed the bed but could live in denial by simply shutting the door on that part of the story.  How's that for an analysis?  Are you going to ask her if she wet the bed?

Comment by Heather Spoonheim on March 30, 2011 at 7:19pm

Thank you, thank you - I'm here all week: 1 matinee and 2 evening shows everyday! LOL


I don't actually read too much into dreams but I just thought I would throw some creativity in this direction.  If I were to offer another such effort, I would want the dream to be much better formatted for reading.

Comment by Emmy Ellison on March 30, 2011 at 7:23pm
Lmao! No she didn't wet the bed but she does have a baby in diapers and one who is in pull ups! Maybe she's tired of cleaning up their pee and wishes they were totally out of diapers! Her mom is rather young still, far from incontinent. Pretty amusing take on it though!


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