Just got with a fight with my mother. It's the kind of fight that seems suitable to talk about on here.

She became very upset with me for saying I hate religion. She said I shouldn't discriminate against religious people. I told her I don't hate the people, I hate religion. Though I also hate stupid people and a lot of them are religious. She said I was being discriminate and I shouldn't hate anything. I replied that hate is a legitimate emotion and I have every right to feel it just like anybody else. She claimed it wasn't an emotion (I set her straight with a quick look-up on a psychology site.) and that no one should hate and it made her nervous.

Apparently she doesn't like how I'm turning out. She's worried about me and doesn't like that all I talk about is religion and she's scared I'm going to hurt someone or get myself hurt. This woman raised me to not hate anybody. I was taught to not hate enyone for their race, their sex, nothing. She encouraged my need to question everything and bought me the book God is Not Great By Christopher Hitchens for Christmas a few years back.

I would really like to know with all that how she can be so surprised I turned out the way I did.

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