A Description of Life for Fat People.

Life is to me as would be a slice of cake.
In ten years i will not have the slightest recollection of eating the cake, although that concept would not put me off from devouring the slice with an utmost ferocity. The end of life is as would be the end of the cake; the last few bites sorrowful, for you know it is almost finished.

Lets get into some other, more creative aspects with it.
What if you were told that by throwing the cake away, you could be granted eternal cake. An infinite amount of cake sounds nice doesn't it? although after a few million slices, the cake may no longer be something you could enjoy. That is assuming that the deal had merit to begin with. Where is all of the cake you would be given? Where did you learn of this deal? Chances are if you read about this deal in an old book that has no merit, you would not be so keen on throwing your one and only slice of cake away (I know i wouldn't). But what if you saw legions of people throwing their cake away? Some even taking the cake of their children and throwing it to the floor, all because they believe in this odd superstition. How many see this act of credulity as something to be honored and respected? If this rumor had a massive amount of evidence against it, and had no more merit than the commonly unbelieved rumor that fishes could read a persons thoughts, what would grant it the right to allow parents to destroy the cake of their children? All of the most knowledgeable bakers in the would could attest towards the falsity of these superstitions, telling and giving examples of how it is highly unlikely that there was a baker somewhere that could indeed bake an indefinite amount of cakes for all eternity. This would not matter, the masses would still throw their cakes to the ground, to be stepped on, spit on, trampled on, all for the sake of this superstition.

If you are fat, and this would not anger you or bring a tear to your eye, how could you dare call yourself a person of weight? You obviously have no passion for cake, no passions for its textures and tastes. You disgust me!

Damn i'm hungry.

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Tags: cake, fat, humor, satire

Comment by Dave G on August 8, 2009 at 2:29pm
Someone has to say it....

The cake is a lie.

Good analogy.


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