A Conversation with Stephanie and Lisa from Mormon.org

My name in the chat was "Emily."
Welcome to Mormon.org chat.
A representative will be with you shortly.
Agent [stephanie] is ready to assist you.
stephanie: Hello.
stephanie: How may we help you?
Me: I have some questions.
Agent [Lisa] has joined the chat.
Lisa: yes
Lisa: how can we help you, Emily
Lisa: ?
Me: How does the Mormon religion account for the findings that predate biblical history regarding human evolution? IE; the fossil record with thousands of intermediate specimen which came before "man"?
stephanie: We do not not believe that man came from Monkeys.
stephanie: We believe that as the Bible says that we are created after God's image.
Lisa: and that Adam and Eve were the first people on the earth
Me: Well actually that isn't what evolution teaches; evolution teaches that humans and apes came from the same species, so actually it says that humans and apes are more like cousins, not a "line of descendants" so to speak. So actually, people who know and believe evolution don't think that humans came from monkeys either.
stephanie: Oh that is good.
stephanie: This is what I learned in school, I apologize as I was taught incorrectly.
Me: So the Mormon religion denies scientific findings and proven knowledge? I am just confused how the Mormon faith makes room for current developments in science and biology.
stephanie: The basis of our religion is faith.
stephanie: Emily do you have a belief in the Bible?
Me: So what if someone had information to show you something that had more than faith? If it had physical evidence?
stephanie: I don't know.
Me: I don't believe in the Bible because I know it to be a fabrication and reproduction of hundreds of creation myths that predate it and predate Jesus. For example, the God Horus from Egypt (thousands of years before Jesus' story) shares many characteristics with the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Horus was also said to have been born of a virgin, a miracle birth, he was born on December 25th as well, he had 12 disciples as well and travelled around performing miracles. Horus was also adored by 3 kings and was killed on a cross as well. He was dead for 3 days and then was resurrected. All the exact same sequence as the story of Jesus Christ.
Me: I have no other conclusion to come to; the Bible is merely a "reprint" of the same creation story (That is also shared with Greek historical creation myths, different Pagan stories, and many others. Mithra of India also shares many of these "saviour" characteristics.)
stephanie: Then what has brought you to our site?
stephanie: What has made you interested in learning more?
Lisa: on this wedsite you can search more about the churches view on these things... you can type subjects in to the search bar on the page lds.org
stephanie: *website
Me: I was wondering if the Mormon faith has taken this into account and found a way to explain why Jesus is still "the one"? Despite numerous historical records proving that the Bible is nothing but a reproduction of the same story over and over. You see, this original messiah story comes from the Pagan belief in the sun and astrological symbols. The "sun" or "SON" is the center and is surrounded by 12 "astrological symbols" or "followers" = disciples. The sun rises and sets in accordance with the myths, and around December 22nd it appears to have been "dead" and it rises again. There is much, much more to the story. You should look it up! It's truly remarkable. I am just wondering how a people, even though the information is widely available to the contrary, still have faith in a religion which is seemingly based on nothing more than tradition and myth that has been passed down for thousands of years. How do you keep a faith that is so clearly not true or factual?
Lisa: we had to study, ponder and pray and ask our heavenly father if these things were true.
stephanie: We do our best to not rely on the natural man as we know that we are imperfect.
stephanie: Thus, truth in the eyes of man may not be truth in the eyes of God, because he is all-knowing.
Me: Well I agree with that; then it should also apply to the Bible. Because the Bible was written by man, an admittedly imperfect and often delusional. Does your heavenly father answer you with words you can hear? How do you know that "God" is real? I know you will answer "by faith" but anyone can have faith in anything. The human psyche is able to create delusions that can be so real that human beings are prepared to believe them.
stephanie: But here is a profile on our site that you can view...
Lisa: this lady is called michelle
stephanie: Yes, this is why we have a living Prophet today who speaks God's word directly to us.
stephanie: But Emily, we invite you to continue to view our site.
Me: I am not exactly interested in what your faith has to say on a whole; I am interested in what you ladies have to say, because I think that if you are representing your faith you should be able to answer me, right? Lisa and Stephanie, personally, how do you feel about this? The history of the creation myth, the striking similarities between all the myths?
stephanie: God is real, He lives.
Lisa: and loves us
stephanie: Jesus is the Christ, the very Son of God.
Lisa: who dies for all mankind
stephanie: *died
stephanie: We are God's children.
Lisa: God has given us a guidance on how to return to him again.
stephanie: Emily as you have inquired of us, we would like to inquire of you.
Me: Okay you keep saying the same thing, but WHY do you believe this? What evidence is there to make you feel this way? I would love to see an example of "God alive." There must be a reason you girls believe in this? You are responding as if by a script. Stephanie, I am willing to answer your questions.
Lisa: we dont beleive in these things - we know.
stephanie: The confirmation of these things comes from the Holy Ghost.
Lisa: ine peice of evidence that you can hold in your hand and study, ponder and pray about is the book of mormon..
stephanie: Emily, will you allow us to contact you and share more about the Book of Mormon and how it can bless you as an individual?
Me: The Book of Mormon was created by a man named Joseph Smith who wanted power, control and respect from a population of people without help from a leader. I am not interested in the book of Mormon as I am not interested in things from unreliable sources. I have read the Holy Bible back to front and remain unconvinced. ALSO; does the Book of Mormon not teach that black people are not welcome in your faith? Because we are not "white and delightsome?" I have no interest in a racist institution.
stephanie: Emily we thank you for your time.
Lisa: all are welocme in the church
stephanie: We invite you to continue to view our website.
Me: Then explain to me why you consider black people to be condemned?
Me: "Cursed with black skin?"
Lisa: we do not think they are condemed.
stephanie: Thank you for joining us Emily but we feel that you are not here to learn more.
stephanie: When you are interested in learning more, please let us know, we will be more than willing to help.
stephanie: We hope you have an enjoyable day.
Lisa: thank you so much
stephanie: Again, thank you for your time and for visiting us on Mormon.org Chat.
stephanie: Bye.
Me: I truly hope that one day you girls will be freed from the pain, restriction, confusion and guilt that your religion brings. Please take a look at some atheist literature that will help guide you in freedom from your faith. All people should be loved and valued. Black people, homosexual people; all people. Not only white Mormon people. Please free yourselves.
Agent [Lisa] has left the chat.
The chat session has ended.

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Comment by Anne Chenier on August 1, 2010 at 1:04am
The purpose was to see if these people were bots or real people. Well I deduced that they weren't chat bots but they were some kind of robot. heh.
Comment by Rose Trinh on August 1, 2010 at 10:03pm
Steph, I joined this site purely because after you sent me the link to this blog post, I loved it. :D
Comment by Gaytor on August 1, 2010 at 10:31pm
That be some good baiting. Nicely done.
Comment by Freeman Thinker on August 3, 2010 at 7:11am
this is atheism at its best!!! KUDOS!!!
Comment by Anne Chenier on August 3, 2010 at 6:36pm
thank you very much (:
Comment by Anne Chenier on August 3, 2010 at 7:10pm
got me there (;


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