Last night terrorists attacked a police school in Quetta Pakistan.More than 60 people were killed &120 got injured in this brutal attack. According to the BBC terrorist organization ISIS accepted the responsibility of this attack. In Pakistan all jihadi religious organizations which are funded by state & Saudi-Arabia & leader of these organisations never condemned such brutality. 

As we know Pakistani establishment was given millions of dollars to eliminate Jihadi organisations by America such details are available on Google & Osama bin ladan was caught in Pakistan & killed. The people who criticized Pakistani establishment policies are called traitors.
These religious organizations are also used in Kashmir jihad. All freethinkers in Pakistan believe that state should not fund jihadi agenda in kashmir but they don't care. It has become their business.
Since America left Afghanistan jihadi organisations which are working for the state they are called good talibans good & bad Both are fighting on the ground of Islamic ideology. There is a big wave to freedom in Pakistan's province Baluchistan. Every second day people are being killed there. These jihadi organisations are being used openly in Baluchistan to eliminate the freedom moment. 
Few days ago Interior minister of Pakistan was having a meeting with the leaders of Jihadi organisation they are running big religious schools which are promoting jihad.
Preachers are the softer face of jihadi organisations. These preachers travel across the globe to spread ignorance.
They must be stopped as soon as possible because such people never condemned terrorist attacks in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. They never raised any voice for freedom of expression. They never raise voice for gays & lesbians & instead of condemning corrupt politicians they go to their homes for preaching . such preachers believe that Islam will conquer the world with its non scientific ideology. On the name of love such people spread ignorance & Jihad. 

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