A British child murdered for her organs in a country with nearly 1.5 billion people!

A British child murdered for her organs in India, a country with nearly 1.5 billion people!

This is a most upsetting story. We should understand that there is a single thread in this diabolical, sociopathic, greed-driven system. A system which is controlled by a collective, or "Cabal", who's families span at least a millenia in history. These men, with power, and wealth beyond imagination, have their hands in everything that "hoards" them more uneeded "wealth", and added levels of power around the world! They have no emotion for human life other than their own, and they are involved in genocide and human abuses that are shocking to the mind! It's difficult to comprehend what lengths these "monsters" will go to, and how gruesome the abuses they have inflicted on the unsuspecting world in the past and present! All most of us see are the 'minute' links which appear as simple singular incidents, but what is occurring to us here and all over the world is linked together by (their) thread, and is very diabolically woven!

We (most of us) would rather stay ignorant, complacent, and unassuming, than to believe that we are being abused by these 'uber-rich' psychopaths in ways indescribable to our consciousness! While we are seeing mass shooting and bombing in our towns, and genocide, rape, and plunder of all things around the world, we had better understand the predicament we are facing, but alas, our true plight is being purposefully veiled by some of the worst 'conniving' world thieves and murderers mankind has 'never' known! Our individual recognition of all of this is based on our level of awareness, wisdom, education, our proximity to certain levels of these activities, and our ability to grasp reality nearest its truest form.

It's very difficult for many to differentiate between people who are genuine and those who are fiendish liars. it's difficult to believe reality when, for centuries, we have been conditioned to believe in tons of humanly created fantasy! It's difficult to understand-with-clarity, what is placed right in front of us when we cannot see the thread, nor connect the dots.

What many are unable to grasp is that believing in "God" and all of the religious trappings that encompass those belief/faith systems is a critical tool that these fiends have capitalized on to help them control the masses and guarantee among many things, the mental/psychological blindness to a clearer vision of reality. If it didn't suit their needs they would have gone to great lengths to dispense of it!

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