HEy all

Its been awhile since i blogged here but i had some thoughts on my head.


I think that religion (animism, poly, then monotheism) is so embedded in human history that its purpose was to articulate the chaos that makes up the natural world and also explains the suffering and frustration  afflicted by human inhabitants. In other words, religion provided a method for the worlds madness.


Now here's my question do you think that if we had world peace, no poverty, no war, no starvation, equality in quality of life and income, and no fear of death would religion still be necessary?


I think not, i believe that atheism should force us to affect this lifetime for the good because its all we have and that we should need religion to console us for problems we can now identify and change.


What do you think?



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Tags: activism, athesim, freedom, human, madness, need, peace, race, religion, world

Comment by bay_naam on January 5, 2011 at 5:34am
I think world peace, no poverty, no war, no starvation, equality in quality of life n income, and no fear of death would only be possible when v become free from religion.
Comment by Raïssa Dhondt on January 5, 2011 at 11:07am
@secret I agree, especially 'equality in quality of life and income' is not possible if there exists more than one religion, and is best possible when there is no religion at all.

I think we've all seen it, people tend to be more religious when they're in trouble. For example, some only pray when a family member has died. Or, when the economy is really low and there's a lot of poverty, the churches are popular.


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