What most Christians believe is that the Antichrist is supposed to be a political/religious leader of our times, and once he shows up Jesus will (finally) return.

If they would study a little bit of history outside of the bible they would have figured out that the 666 man-beast lived and died many years ago, and of course Jesus didn't return.

But who was this personification of evil made man?

His name was Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, a roman emperor. Is nothing new that roman emperors were not nice guys and they never represented Jesus-like behavior, but to this day few political leaders have exceeded Nero's wickedness.


Nero started his Antichrist career by poisoning his half brother, plotting the murder of his sister (who was also his wife) and his mother (who happened to be his lover). After solving his family issues, he was alone and free to do whatever he wanted. 

It seems he was very bored, so during nights he would go out with his friends dressed as slaves to rob and murder regular citizens. 

Nero had also a "talent" for acting. He forced citizens to watch his shows and wouldn't allow them to leave, people would fake their own deaths to be taken out before the shows were over. He would order the murder of whoever who criticized his acting skills.

Nero also liked to dress up like a ... bear ..and attack people. He murdered his second wife by kicking her to death, and later on married a young boy that looked like her.


So far he looks like the average roman emperor of those days...  what win him the honor of becoming the Antichrist? 

Well, Nero wanted a brand new palace so what he did? He went on a trip to Greece and while away he ordered the city of Rome to be burned. Upon his arrival he began to build his masterpiece palace. People were furious because he was using the land were their houses used to be while they were homeless. 

He needed a scapegoat! Who better than Christians.. Why them? Because they were talking about the end of times and about eternal fire. Since Rome was the sin city of that time, Christians were very open in discussing that Rome would burn like Sodom.


Until that point in history Christians had never been prosecuted before. Nero started the anti-Christian propaganda that lasted for a long while after his death.

Still not enough for being an Antichrist?.. 

It was the ways he used to torture these early Christians. He dressed them up as animals and threw savage dogs at them. He burned them in the stakes. He tortured them, with no mercy. Most of the torture machines were invented with one goal in mind: Christians.

(Funny how Christians many centuries later, copied the Antichrist and used some of this same punishments to torture those of different believes).


After his palace was done he decided he needed torches to light up his magnificent garden. You can guess what he used right?


He became the ultimate evil man by ordering the execution of the two most important Jesus followers: Paul and Peter.


Anyway, as all "great" leaders his ruling period came to an end (suicide). Later on people claimed seeing him, and much was said about his return (just like Jesus). Even to this day  there are reported sightings of him.

The book of Apocalypses is about him and his return.

What the 666 has to do with Nero?. In Hebrew letters and numbers use the same characters, so every letter of his name is equal to a number.

His name is hebrew q(100) s(60) r(200)  n(50) r(200) w(6) n(50). Add it up now = 666.


So there you have it, next time a Fundie tells you that Obama, the Pope or even Justin Bieber is the Antichrist you can laugh it off. 

As of Nero he was a sick, twisted, perverse and a perverted murderer. Unfortunately there were worse than him, none of them criticized in the Bible. King David who was in the same level of craziness is considered the Bible Hero and he is known to have killed more people than Nero ever did.

It seems that whoever Christians kill in the name of their god is evil but whoever who pays them with the same coin is an Antichrist.


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Comment by Gabriela Menicucci on October 4, 2011 at 10:08am

LOL good observation C.Lewal.. Who knows maybe it was 616 and someone tempered with the original manuscript trying to protect the identity of the "antichrist", or maybe a man made mistake just to prove how divinely inspired the bible is.. at this point it wouldn't surprise me. 

I still think Nero was a good candidate for the antichrist label.

Comment by Michael on October 4, 2011 at 10:11pm


W=10 ? are you sure that W comes from 2 Vs.

Grabreila, the doctors that found heart tissue in a Catholic host may not be following fairy tales as you suppose. Darkness does have the power to perpertrate false miracles to decieve the masses.

As to my point, it underscores my synopsis of history not found in Christian annals.

The Beast that looked like a Lamb with two horns and spoke like a dragon. This not a fairy tale but rather Rome and Constantinople (Istanbul) over the ages seats of the Latin and Orthodox Patriarchs. The prophecies are true to this day.



Comment by Gabriela Menicucci on October 4, 2011 at 10:25pm

Michael, the letter W doesnt exist in Hebrew. Just as it doesn't exist in Italian, and only until recent times didn't exist in Spanish. So we can't assume that the numerology those early christians were using was based in the English alphabet. 

Those doctors could be Catholics themselves, hired by the Vatican to support their deluded ideas. It's well known that when you believe in something, everything you see and experience will be associated with that believe.

We can agree that the Catholic church is "evil" and has a questionable moral and ethic, what I won't agree is on "darkness" performing miracles, prophecies from a john doe, or any Christian mythology...


Comment by Michael on October 5, 2011 at 12:13pm

Gabriela, I respect your opinion, you are obviously very intelligent and have been exposed to all rhetoric and found them wanting.

I too reject Fundamentalism along with both Rites. They are all Trinitarians and apart of the problem and not the solution as foretold by the prophecies.

To my knowledge, Seven Day Adventist are Trinitarians as well.The Trinity is a fairy tale.

Jehovah Witnesses are also apart of the problem. They state that Jesus pre-existed as the Archangel Michael. This is indeed a fairy tale.

Comment by Ralph Oswald on October 6, 2011 at 11:13pm

The entire bible is a fairy tale. This is a fascinating discussion, in any case.


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