I have a new project. It’s called “3 Questions”, and it is exactly as it sounds; I will ask the atheist/agnostic/skeptic community 3 questions about the importance of atheism, skepticism or agnosticism to themselves, the wider community, and the world, and post the results here.

Why do I think this is important or even interesting?

Mainly because I see a lot of very vocal atheists and skeptics getting their viewpoints seen, heard and read, and yet for the majority of us, our opinions just become part of the cacophony of noise that is the internet, never to surface past a few Tweet views, or a Facebook post that whizzes by at the speed of light. The fact is, the atheist/agnostic/skeptic communities is made up of millions of individuals, each with their own opinions and stories, each with their own reasons for being a vocal atheist, agnostic or skeptic. If it weren’t for these millions of people who see an importance in voicing their opinions, then the community would not exist at all. See this project as an attempt at inclusiveness, where all voices will be seen as equal, and equally relevant, to show how in fact we are a hugely diverse culture.

What will this achieve?

Not much, but it will be interesting. If anything, it might serve as a reminder that within our communities there are many opinions and voices, and they may not agree, and often don’t agree on everything. Sometimes we have a tendency to see the communities we are part of as embracing exactly the same values and interests that we do as individuals. But if diversity shows us anything, it is that through many differing  opinions and experiences we can reach a much better outcome in most situations. It’s not a mission statement made up by millions, moreover it’s raising the voices of those who speak softly, those who are afraid to speak, or those who are intimidated by the larger community. I hope to show not only the similarities we as atheists, skeptics and agnostics share, but also to highlight the diversity of views, experiences and values that the communities are made up from.

When will this begin?

I have already put out a call for volunteers on Twitter. I will do the same on Facebook. people who respond will be added to a list which I am in the process of compiling, and will be contacted individually over the coming week or so. I will then send out the 3 questions, compile the answers, and publish the results here. If the answers are too long, or if there are too many, the results may be published over several blogs over the coming weeks.

Can I be involved?

Of course. The only criteria is that you fit into the category of “atheist” “skeptic” or “agnostic”, and are willing to have your words published. If you do want to participate, contact me through the contact form on this blog.

Sounds like a bit of fun, no?

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