In our society Muhammad's tribal life is presented in an exaggerated way. In Hadith & Islamic history his life is available like an open book & more than 70% of Muslims completely agree with these books. On the basis of this history clerics want to bring Pakistani people back to the dark ages. Those who criticize these notions fatwas are issued & they are considered blasphemers.

If Muhammad's life style & his tribal traditions were perfect then it was only for that time today a society where sex slaves are sold child marriage is not a crime where tribal chief is having marriage with his daughter in law where the main business is war & looting the neighbor tribes. Where  all other beliefs & notions are sin except your own one. how can we call such man a perfect personality who is attach with all such things? How can desert tribal culture be a beacon of light for us in the twenty-first century.

Now a days its not a rocket science to understand the desert culture internet has made it very easy. Just read three to four history books of Islam which were written from 7th to 9th century read Koran in your mother language. Watch some movies which were made about desert tribes like Parched، Black Gold, Khartoum etc. Many other documentaries are available on you tube which discuss the Arabs desert culture.

 In India many movies are made which discuss a lot about those Indian tribes who are still practicing the thousand years old laws such situation can also be observed in the remote areas of Pakistan where people consider it a sin to adopt the modern ways of life. 

In deserts people still talk about witch & fairy tales. People still believe in magical personalities they love the stories of miracles. There sky is considered as a solid roof in the day which is decorated with sun & at night with moon and other stars. They think this roof is controlled by mythical creatures. 

Religious scholars and clerics who advise us to live under the rules & laws of seventh century at least they should stay in desert for minimum five years without clean water, medicine , electricity & modern vehicles so that they may practice the original Islam once in their life & earn some reward in heavens. I hope in this way religious vultures would understand about the real Islam otherwise they would keep killing humanity for the ideas of seventh century.

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Comment by Pope Beanie on February 27, 2017 at 1:08pm
Hi Noon, I lightened up the dark red font color so it's more readable over our black background. Feel free to adjudst it again, if you want to.
Comment by Noon Alif on February 27, 2017 at 1:11pm
Thanks Pope actually i wrote it in black but when i pasted it here it was looking gray in preview thats why i changed it in red.
Comment by Andrew Brown on February 27, 2017 at 1:18pm

Thanks for the review. Moral statements are always relative to the time. Writing and prescribing laws written in the 8th century were possibly acceptable and reasonable at the time, but fail the modernity test. Sticking to principles and ideals (ie love the other as yourself, etc.) seem to be timeless, truthful and share the common understanding of existence.

I know there are many 'rules' set forth by religion which we all quickly dismiss as ridiculous. We, the modern man, must review and understand these laws before we dismiss or accept the idea. We must also extend this review to our current laws which are always becoming more and more out of date. Do not revere the law, but revere the reasoning behind it and then we can update the laws appropriately to match our current level of moral understanding.

Comment by Noon Alif on February 27, 2017 at 1:27pm
Andrew when such ideas of seventh century are discussed & criticised or somebody wants to update such laws its considered a blasphemy. Then religious clerics & their followers creat anarchy in the society
Comment by Andrew Brown on February 27, 2017 at 2:37pm

Noon, I agree. Blasphemy is a serious problem. Good thing we do not believe in such dumb ideas and our society's laws are superior to the ancient decrees.

As we brought the Christians out of their stupor, we must also bring everyone else out of the fundamental fallacy of Argument from Authority.

Comment by Jake LaFort on March 4, 2017 at 6:02pm

fuck the moral relativism...the code was as wrong then as it is now


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