I just used a Ouija (Talking) Board for the second time in my life, and for the second time of my life the Planchette (pointer) remained, regrettably, still. It's amazing how many horrible stories are apocryphally accepted. If a particle board with letters on it, accompanied by a plastic 'Planchette', could affect the spirit world, I'm so incredibly surprised, as should you be, that our modern science hasn't found a way. Maybe we should tell them about the Ouija. (The Mass Produced version ... mine was purchased TODAY at Goodwill and was released by Parker Bros. in '72.)

My grandmother doesn't even know. She was there, as was my Aunt Lynn. I showed her and she literally jumped back. She's an INCREDIBLY intelligent woman, but her religious holds provided an immediate repulsion. Even the checker understood my need to camouflage the box, and very easily and willingly wrapped it in newspaper and double-bag it.

What's the issue?

Well, what's more is that I've been a tarot reader since I'm 15. Who taught me? My Aunt Lynn.

How wonderfully confusing the art of faith. An issue is solved by it, but is easily subverted when the real world intervenes... or the 'new age'.


BTW: (or PS for you purists)
I still think there is a paranormal realm, though many atheists would say they are very adamant that there isn't. I have seen some very strange anomalies in my time, and even if they weren't 'Ghosts', they were still far beyond my scientific understanding. Keep your mind open, your pockets closed and your undies clean. You'll live a fuller life, have more to spend, and when they find your body under a buss they'll only have the odor of blood; otherwise they'd have the odor of blood and a mix of slight poo and some serious crotchal smegma. ... EWWW! :P~

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Comment by Morgan Matthew on October 27, 2008 at 12:57pm
Yeah I don't believe there is a paranormal realm but after doing extensive research into what makes people see ghosts/ufo's etc. I have come to the conclusion that electromagnetic waves are the cause.

This has been proven in various lab tests with human subjects. A new study a few years ago found that they could make the test subject feel like there was a presence in the room. Or make them see a "white light" Or have a "alien abduction" experience. All by changing the electromagnetic waves with the test helmet they were using. I believe skeptic magazine checked it out. Their conclusion, it works.

With how much the earths magnetic field fluctuates could indeed be a factor that causes experiences even today modern science knows so little about.

Another test used a similar technique ( one test room watching tv, and the other with the helmet on trying to pick up what the other person was watching on a tv. to try to read minds and had a consistently higher % then random guessing.

Like I said these studies were years ago, so it would be interesting to see what's going on with them now.

As well all know the human brain is the most complex machine on the planet.

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