Counting the hours put in cannot be done

I’ve given some of my best smiles to you

Damn I’ve given some of my best tears too

Frankly I’m tired of waiting for the growth promised

Am I really the creator of our problems

Should I work to solve them

By catching a train without a chance for you to explain

I just don’t know where as if I care

Then you can tell everyone your tales


You say I am master of heartbreak and sadness

Oh don’t you know how I got this way

It’s the fact that this isn’t where I am meant to stay

The eyes of my own family create agitation

Stimulations and situations break what I’ve been trying to make

It’s to the point where I might rethink what I believe

Maybe Hell on earth has been achieved

Because when I climb up

Everyone around me beats me down for more

My arms are sore

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Comment by Edmond on January 26, 2011 at 4:56pm

Thanks doone and I hear what you are saying. That's one of the things I like about things like poetry and music, the artist had something in mind when they made it but the listener/reader takes it as if it is written to them. Sometimes some of the best songs we like are not liked because what the creator had in mind, it is what we apply it to.  


Billy Corgan at one point said  that he didn't like explaining what his lyrics meant because he liked the listener to let it mean what they wanted it to mean. I think I feel kind of the same. I don't mind explaining but it is what the reader gets out of it that matters. I can write a poem about a teddy bear, pouring out my feelings and those that read it might think I was talking about someone else. It's very interesting. 

Comment by Edmond on January 26, 2011 at 4:57pm

Smaller than I used to be? Huh? lol 



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