Atheists Who Speak out are not "railing Against God"

I cannot rail against that which I disbelieve. I can only rail against the actions of those who use their belief as motivation to infringe on my rights.

Many times, more vocal believers who misunderstand what ‘disbelief’ entails, accuse atheists of “railing against god”. I hold no faith in ‘god’, I do not absolutely claim non-existence, only that there is insufficient proof to sway me to follow such Bronze-age myths. I do not believe your claims of a ‘god’ to be valid, and as such cannot rail against the non-existent. At issue is not the deity that is the object of your faith; instead I am defending my right of personal choice and the explicitly secular society in which I live, against the things you try to enforce for all in the name of such deities.

Your morality is just that, your own. Your wishes of “god bless” or “under god” are just that, your personal wishes. Your belief that the earth is no more than ten thousand years old, asinine as it may be, is your own belief. I am not obligated to recite reverent words to your god, it is not my duty to follow your morality as it pertains to personal issues such as sexual health, the bedroom or who I may marry, and it is certainly not mandatory that my children learn your mythology based explanations of nature in lieu of testable, proven scientific theories.

Many theistic apologists, like this self-righteous writer {link}, attempt to convince readers and listeners that the “New Atheism” is just a very popular movement “against god”, it is not. It is the repercussion being felt from centuries of believers trying to force their doctrine upon all of society by promoting their sacred texts in the public square in the form of stone monuments, the application of their bigotry to marriage laws, the appearance of reverent words directed at their god on our currency and the efforts to hinder scientific education because it conflicts with the science ‘ideas’ of frightened cavemen who scrawled their ideas about the origins of all that comes from nature on 2000+ year old parchment.

You see, it isn’t your god I rail against, I do not believe one exists; it is your attempts to force very personal beliefs upon all who live in our collective society that need to be quashed.

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