I can't see how anyone who gives it long thought could stay christian.

After substantial observation, I can't see any reason why any person would stay a Christian if they gave it some thought. It honestly seems to be so fake in my eyes. It seems like the people who made up this religion didn't even try hard. There are countless contradictions, rediculous doctrines and just unbelievable claptrap. The outragous thing is, most Christians are aware that the gospel was written 40-60 years after the death of Jesus. How can they not even consider it was a fish tale?

There is absolutely no proof of a living being more powerful than humans, at least as most monotheists describe it. Proof? There isnt even anything to sugest there is such a being! Just the earth, and that is where theism began. A lack of knowledge regarding the begining of the world.

Christianity hasn't survived because its ideas make the most sense, its because it frightens and threatens people into joining the church. Its creation story is just as wild and legendary as any Native American or African or Asian or European mythology, so why is Christianity such a large religion? Answer: They tell people they will go to hell if they don't join.

That's the major reason. There are many other reasons. Being born into a Christian family (such as I was) is a major factor. Then there's a lot of people, no matter how they joined the church just say "Well, if the Christians are right, and I stay a Christian, then I'll go to heaven. If they're wrong, nothing really happens. I just die i guess. But if they're right, and I'm wrong I go to hell!"

They sucker in everyone. It is sick. Then they go to Washington and try to pass legislations that favor Christianity, or the Vatican sends out their "what we think is evil" list and they expect everyone to comply.

VIA: www.exchristian.org

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