Church of Christ minister for 10 years - What a Waste!

Grew up Lutheran, became "born again" when 16 and from there decided to dedicate myself to the Lord. Did the whole Jesus-freak thing in high school, attended Bible college, seminary, learned Greek.

I came across the some people from the Church of Christ (conservative) and was pretty impressed - but actually I was just pretty naive and idealistic. I left Lutheranism which I viewed as irrelevant, dry, and out of touch. Within a year I was preaching for the Church of Christ.

Did this for ten years. During this time, I was so miserable that I couldn't put on any weight and usually weighed 125 pounds. Also thought of committing suicide frequently ... pretty much on a weekly basis. The people treated me in such a mean, contemptible fashion it was unbelievable.

Others, also, were treated poorly and made to feel not welcome. Some were doted over and treated like royalty. I moved to new churches three times, and each seemed more hypocritical than the last. Christians were the most stingy, egotistical, racist people I knew. Some were nice ... just ... not the ones in control of the church.

The stories I could tell of Christians doing mean things to each other in the name of "doctrinal purity" or "for the good of the cause". You would think I'm stretching the truth when really I'd only be touching the hem of the garment.

Finally, ten years into this BS, the church I was with cut my poverty level salary by 67 percent because I wasn't converting one family a month (as per my quota), and because I was a Yankee and few other things. Suddenly, I couldn't make my mortage payments, I went bankrupt, lost everything I had, was evicted from my home and as a thirty-something, had to move back in with my parents when I had a wife and two kids to think about.

I wanted to die.

In the end, technology saved me. I was able to transition into the IT field. My wife (who is still a hard-core fundamentalist) went back to school and finished her computer related degree. We have been living in others' basments for five years and are just about able now to afford a home of our own. The church screwed me royally but I'm almost back on my feet.

The moral of the story is: Christianity isn't what it claims to be. There is nothing wrong with thier highest cliams (peace, love thy neighbor, ...), the problem is they consistently do the opposite "in the name of the Lord" and there is something about religion that brings out the most mean-spirited things in people.

Christians always doubt their faith, but people who leave christianity never doubt that they made a good choice. I can attest to that as leaving the church was the best thing I've ever done.

Won't you do the same?


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Comment by Philip Jarrett on April 17, 2014 at 11:29pm

My father was hardcore Church of Christ...a minister to congregations in West Virginia who couldn't really afford a minister so he always got the shit end of the stick.  He never made more than $9,000 a year in his life and that was only when he preached to a church in Parma, Ohio for six moths.  I was raised poor and am proud of it...there's nothing wrong with being poor and nothing right with being rich.  

I know the restorationist theology from Alexander Campbell in the 19th Century...the idea of returning the church to what it was before Catholicism took over in the 3rd Century...and I think the effort was laudable for the time it was introduced.  The problem is, though the C of C theology placed the historical record of what we know happened on a par with scripture...hence the prohibition against any form of instrumental music in our worship...they simply did not carry through with their own theology.  If they had, they would have been the first church to openly admit that the 'spiritual journey' of all Christians ends in Atheism.  Instead, they drew back from their own core beliefs and became just another Fundamentalist church among many.  My brother, who has been a pastor with the C of C all his life, calls himself a "Progressive" now...which means he's at the far left of a church that is so far to the right the term is meaningless.  

In the end it isn't about what you believe...

it's about what is true.


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