Hello World! :)
At the first post I'm going to keep as brief as possible, mostly because later posts probably will be much larger than this one, and less boring (hopefully). Some of my posts will be translations from www.racjonalista.pl, which is probably understandable even for non polish speakers. I will however add some of my comments to these articles, so they won't be just reprints. After all, the idea of a blog is to share your ideas. Not someones else. I will also try to write about many, well - truth said - retarded situations in Poland concerning atheism, religion and politics. I wanted to skip that in this post, but I'm gonna add something interesting at the end of the post.
Actually that's all the technical stuff I wanted to write, so as a final world of that category - I hope U will like my blog, comment and be willing to discuss with me.


Now, the interesting part. I'm not gonna comment it yet, I will write a separate post about it tomorrow cause it's a wide subject and I need some time to think over every word I wan't to use.
Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI - Here is the link I'd like everyone to read and happily - sign. I know that for most of people here it will be unthinkable, what the Polish episcopate did. As much as it will sound even sadder - get used to it, because this blog is going to be full of very disturbing stuff like that. It's just the beginning.

Thank You for Your time, and I hope to see some interesting comments and see You later on.

Wojtek Biernacki

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Comment by Reggie on September 27, 2009 at 6:21pm
Welcome! Always nice to get such a diverse crowd here at Think Atheist.


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