I can't even imagine all the stuff there is yet to learn out there ...

The other day I saw a documentation about some blind people that do clicking noises. The reflected sounds give them an in-depth image of the surroundings, just like a sonar. There was a blind boy going round on rollerskates, playing basketball. The only thing he can't do is read the street names on the signs. These are abilities that no one would have thought possible until they were proven.

Which reminds me of all the savants out there. Often these people are impacted in their abilities to master life, but who have one (or more) very special talent(s). Such as memorizing a dozen phonebooks or copying compley cityscapes with a pencil onto paper after just a glance on the scenery.

This thing happened to me this spring. My baby son is fast asleep in his room. I turn the volume down of the telly because I repeatedly think I hear him cry. The baby monitor stays silent, and it is so super sensitive that it will trigger when he turns around or chews on his pacifier. While I talk on the phone I repeatedly interrupt to listen for him - nothing. When I finish to talk I step out of the living room to listen again, house being all silent now. All I hear is the washing machine humming in the basement. Still it is as if I can rather feel him cry than hear him. Like it was just a little too far away to hear it. I am mad at myself for being overprotective and fight the urge to check on him. Half an hour later I get ready for bed. I go upstairs, open the bedroom door slowly. My son is sitting in his bed, silently, cheeks all wet from crying, face puffy and red, looking at me with big eyes! I was mad at myself for days for not following my gut.

I believe, this is the rest of some primeval instinct. I would very much like to know how it works. I don't believe in ghosts and stuff, but situations like these leave me quite speechless.

Just take something as plain as that funny little green worm that lives in coral reefs. It will breed only once a year for three days when the moon is right. What does that little glibber thing know of the moon? There is some corals too that once a year when the moon is right pour all their semen and eggs into the ocean, where the stuff travels half round the work to produce new offspring. WTF? How do they know the year is full? There is many riddles that remain unsolved.

There is so many diverse stunning things around us. We only scratch around on the surface. We didn't even see the tip of the iceberg yet.

I am not even starting to talk of the obvious madness that surrounds us ... the solar system, milky way, all the galaxies. The mere scale of things is incomprehensible!

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